What If This Economic Crisis is About Bringing Integrity to the Financial Sector?


What if this current economic crisis actually has a purpose, is part of a BIGGER picture?

What if it is about bringing integrity to the world of finances? What if the breakdown we are witnessing all around us is just a way to let the old way of dealing with money break down? The old way that was only about making a quick buck? The old way that was about cutting as many corners as needed to get rich quickly? The old way that was about me and my pockets/bank accounts first, and I don’t care what happens after I get rich? The old way of an old boys network that made sure that only the old boys got rich and everybody else paid for it, and all of it behind closed doors?

You get the point…

What I sense here is that the break down of these old ways makes room for a new way to deal with finances, with money.

– A new way of making sure that income is created sustainably, that is that it not only benefits one person, but the whole system as in community, earth and others around it.
– A new way that promotes transparency as in where the money comes from, who gets paid how much and what, and what is done with the money earned.
– A new way that creates a solid foundation of integrity for every aspect of money in our economies worldwide.(I define integrity here as “looking at the whole picture” instead of separate parts)

What if this economic crisis is here for the benefit of all of us by bringing consciousness to even the financial sector, so that “business as usual” is not anymore the MO of the day.

What if this restructuring of the world of money will be so successful, that in years to come historians will give it a name like “the Age of Renaissance”?

What if the new economy AFTER it has hit rock bottom and found its integrity in all its aspects will serve as a role model in years to come for other developing economies in the world like Africa?

More to read on these ideas here and more to listen on mp3 here.

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