What If Experiencing Fear is Just the Absence of Connection in Our Lives?


Many of us are experiencing various degrees of fear these days. Here are my musings on the nature of fear:

What if fear is not a power but the absence of a power?

What if fear is actually the absence of a bigger picture? What if FEAR as in “False Evidence Appearing Real” is the hole left behind when there is no larger perspective available to help us trust, hope, and dream? To know that what is happening is perfect, is good, has purpose, and is part of larger plan, even if we do not see it?

What if fear is also the absence of connection? Connection to friends and family, connection to the community around us, connection to Self, connection to Inner Being, connection to Higher Self, to Soul, to the Devine, Source, Spirit, God, you name it.

What if this external crisis which is bringing up so much fear in many of us, is a HUGE opportunity for us to recognize that absence of connection? Once we see fear for what it is, we can look at the opportunity its presence is bringing to us. We can, collectively and individually, start the journey towards towards more wholeness, more connection, more ease and more joy.

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