Feel Good Physics: Scalar Energy in Healing

Physics in school was a real chore for me. It made no sense as a teenager. It felt disconnected and unreal, and I just could not get into it, an dit showed in my grades.

After I watched the following video on Scalar physics (and cried at the end because I felt so touched by it), I know understand why I did not like physics as I learned it in high school in the late sixties. I was (and probably everybody else at that time) taught Newtonian physics: mechanistic and applicable only to parts of our universe (certain parameters were called “fuzzy” and simply excluded).

Here is new physics, more quantum, more wholistic, more for today’s world.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Research physicist, John Michael Mallon MSc. (http://www.thehealinguniverse.com) describes with elegant simplicity the science of scalar-waves and scalar-energy – the energy that underlies the healing technologies that will replace the failed pharmaceutical drug-based medicine of the last century. This landmark video, acclaimed as being an “awakening” video, is also rapidly gaining acceptance as an educational aid in the teaching of enlightened science.

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