Celebrate the Recession: From Wall Street Banker to GreenSoul Shoes

Here is an example of how the present economic crisis has inspired three former Wall Street bankers to do something different:

Quoted from Reuters:

“Feb. 12 – Three former Wall Street bankers are using their expertise and following their hearts by creating a shoe business out of recycled trash.

Rising from the collapse of Bear Stearns was not easy for Stephen Chen, co-founder of Greensoul Shoes, who decided to use what he and his friends learned on Wall Street to build a business with financial and social benefits. Speakers: Stephen Chen, co-founder, Greensoul Shoes; Alastair Onglingswan, co-founder, Greensoul Shoes; Iris Chau, former JP Morgan Chase investment banker. Conway Gittens reports from New York.”

My newest meditation: every time I see a store closed or hear that jobs are lost, instead of thinking, “Oh, how bad, how terrible…” I do my best to switch to:”Another opportunity for someone to do something different like following the dream you had never had the time for”.

Here is their website and the Reuters story on video:


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