I am back…

I have not been posting to this blog for the last 7 or 8 months because I got busy creating a whole  new website.

I needed a different format to put out my passion for all things dying. All the insights, thoughts, and feelings. All the poems, songs, videos, and stories. Everything I have been collecting over the years needed a new home. All in one place.

Since July 22, 2009 (on a solar eclipse day)  I have been working on my new website. It  is called A Good Dying (www.a-good-dying.com) and as of January 2010 has 80 pages. And I am not done yet.

Writing for this blog gave me the practice and the confidence that I could do a whole website. It helped that I found a Canadian company called SBI to offer all the help imaginable to build a successful website. Check out some information on SBI on my page called Opportunity.

My intentions now is to keep building my website, AND to keep posting to this blog. There are just too many exciting things happening these days that are pointing towards change. Towards a new world. Towards an exciting future. A different future.