The Haiti Earthquake

I wrote a blog entry for my new website A Good Dying because I wanted to make sense of fifty thousand people being dead. Overnight. Gone. Only dead bodies left.

I wanted to be able to hold that piece of news inside my heart. I wanted to find a way to wrap myself around such a staggering number. I wanted to know myself connected.

In these times of nearly instant communication through TV and the Internet, we can be deeply involved in catastrophes anywhere on the world. Through stories, images and video we know so much. We are right there. Even though physically we are thousands of miles away.

At the same time it can be just a story. Not connected to me in my safe home far away.

Here is the link to my blog page on A Good Dying:

The Haiti Earthquake 2010: So many questions

After writing that piece I felt more connected to that part of the world, our world. To the humans suffering  from a devastating loss. I feel, that is the least I can do.

As long as I can
I will look at this world
for both of us.

As long as I can
I will laugh with the birds,
I will sing with the flowers,
I will pray to the stars,
for both of us.

– Sascha, as posted on –


2 thoughts on “The Haiti Earthquake

  1. I support the rescue efforts. The strength of the Haitians, and the nations, organizations and indivuals who did not hesitate to help has been a true inspiration for ordinary citizens like myself. I am certain that part of the survival was connected overall intense effort all put forth.

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