Celebrating the Bright Ones

If we are looking for proof that we are living in a world that is definitely changing, I believe all we need to do is to look at the children catching the media’s attention these days. There is an amount of talent showing up that is not just the mere result of years of hard training as child.

There is a freshness and a delight these young performers bring to their craft, that touches me. It inspires me. It gives me hope and confidence in a changing world.

I have therefore decided to add a new category for my postings called “Bright Ones”. I am seeing so many examples of young ones coming into their unique talents, already fully developed as mature artists.

In out current culture there is no way to explain some of the creative talent showing up in these young bodies. We have to look outside our current box for that.

Justin Bieber

What if these Bright Ones have spent lifetimes honing their craft. Slowly working their way into their current mastery.  Spending a lifetime to learn how to sing. Another lifetime to learn how to play one instrument. Then another. And another lifetime practicing how to dance. Most likely not very glamorous lives. More likely lives spent in dedication to these crafts without necessarily much reward.

What if all of this was in preparation for this life of seemingly effortless talent. To be able to burst out so brightly and easily into a world of deep challenges. Offering their talents, their joy, their ease, their inspiration.

What if these Bright Ones come into their current lives with less of a Karmic overlay. Meaning, they have less “stuff” from previous lives as baggage. What if they can actually remember more easily these lifetimes of skills.

What if all this talent spent lifetimes to acquire lies dormant in our bodies’ cells. Dormant until we remember. Remember step by step who we are deep inside. Remember why we are here on earth.

Esmee Denters

And what if one of the reasons they are here on earth, is because they are collectively standing on our shoulders as the elder generation, figuratively speaking. What if as humanity we are truly evolving, and one way to see the change is by looking at these Bright Ones. By being grateful for the work we as the older generations have done.

So that the Bright Ones could actually show up to remind us. That all is not as it seems. That all is well, no matter what it looks like. That life is a joy, no matter what.

If you are interested in exploring these ideas further, click here for further reading or listening. Who I call the “Bight Ones” are also often called “Indigos”. If you want to find out more about them, click here and here.