Justin Bieber, Canadian Teen Singer

I just found out about a 15 years old pop and R&B talent out of Canada, Justin Bieber (pronounced Beeber). He is the boy singing the opening verses in the remake of the “We Are the World” video.

Justin comes form a small town in Canada. He taught himself how to play guitar, piano and a few other instruments when he was 10 years old. In late 2007 he and his mother posted videos of Justin on Youtube, so that friends and family members could watch them. The following video shows an acapella version of “Without You” (a Chris Brown cover):

His Youtube videos went viral and millions of viewers watched them. Both Usher and Justin Timberlake got interested in promoting this young man, but Justin Bieber chose to sign with Usher. He and his single mom ended up moving to Atlanta to record his first album at the end of 2008.

His album called “My World” came out on Noember 17, 2009. It became the first album where all songs made it in to the top 100 songs in the USA. Since then he has been the opening act for Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”tour in England, sang in front of President Obama and his wife for Christmas, and gotten himself into trouble for being too popular with the girls.

Below is a video of him having his daytime television debut dancing and singing live on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

Here is a kid, no formal music training, self taught on several instruments, with the voice volume and range of an African American, and the ease on stage that normally only lifelong performers have. Add to that a joy and a zest for performing that is totally infectious.

I can see lifetimes spent perfecting and honing his craft as a musician and as a performer. All he needed to do in this life time was for his body to remember his previously acquired skills. Once that happened, he was off hitting the ground running.

What a joy to watch!


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  1. And you possess the right to your judgment but, she is very yummy!!, and I’m certain she has to be informed to sing with such belief and spirit in her sound.. have a good day and enjoy the beauty of the travel.

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