Looking at the Role of Corporations with Fresh Eyes

Ulla Mentzel

In line with the title and theme of this blog, which is looking for the “A Bigger Picture” I found one that surprised me this morning while cleaning my shower.

Given the corporate personhood debate, I was asking myself the following questions:

What if the role of corporations in modern day society is to push greed and capitalistic practices as far as possible in order to provide contrast.

What if this strong contrast actually can help us as individuals to find out what it is we do not want. By finding out what we do NOT want, that which we DO want becomes so much stronger.

What if we by pushing against the corporations, we connect with others on  that same path and thus find more purpose and meaning in our lives.

What if we were grateful to the corporations for playing an important role in helping us as individuals to find that purpose and community?

Click here for some background information on the “corporate personhood debate”.

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