Just Being

HelloI was just talking to my friend Diane about what is calling us right now in these changing times and had some interesting insights.

What if all we need to do to make it through these challenging times is to stay present with the Now? What if that is actually where we can create the New by Just Being?

In every moment we have three choices:

  • We can look backwards and wrestle with the past, process it, discuss and analyze it, try to deal with it, and come to terms with it.
  • We can look into the future with all our fears attached, our fears of whether we will have enough money, a place to live, work to do and a safe world around us.
  • Or we can Just Be in this present moment by accepting completely and fully what is – just for this moment (and not for the rest of our lives) and at the same time by knowing our selves fully taken care of in the future because it is being created and recreated from that place of Just Be.

I have read and heard about Just Being for so many years, but it never really sunk in as it is doing right now under these challenging circumstances.

I can literally sense my creative energies being called forth, and depending on where I focus them: either on old stories of the past or on new stories of an unknown future.

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