Sending Light to the Gulf Oil Spill

I am a person who has a great capacity to see the positive in most any situation. Concerning the Gulf oil spill I have so far been able to just focus on the positive out comes of the current Gulf oil spill crisis. As if I was not really affected by it.

An email with a link and a channeled reading sent out by Tom Kenyan have shifted my focus from just standing by to a more active stance into self empowerment. Both pieces of writing suggest that we are facing a much bigger crisis worldwide than what has been reported so far.

Add into that the possible impact of the tropical storm Alex heading for the Gulf area, and things start looking pretty desperate and easily can feel overwhelming.

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In my case active means to change my own deeply held beliefs of powerlessness.

It means to keep this crisis in my awareness instead of pushing it away. Instead of thinking that the ones responsible will deal with this, while I can keep myself out of this. Especially thinking that I am powerless to do anything about this anyway.

I have decided to make a commitment to the following actions on a daily basis:

  • I am sending clear light to all responsible for decisions every time I hear or read about the oil spill, so that they may see solutions they have not seen so far.
  • I am making time every day at noon for a few minutes to specifically send clear light to the US Gulf area while imagining being connected with thousands if not millions of others doing the same all over the world, knowing myself not alone anymore in this crisis.
  • Through these daily actions I am affirming that as a collective we have the capacity to heal this possibly cataclysmic event, using the power of our thoughts. We are powerful beyond imagination, when we join our thoughts and focus them on the well being of all.

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I believe this is an opportunity to know ourselves connected all over the world. An opportunity to know ourselves in this together as in a worldwide crisis there is no place to hide. Worldwide means it affects all of us.

It is also an opportunity to step out of a mentality of “us versus them” which keeps “us” powerless” and “them” in power.

Yes, I still see opportunity in this crisis, actually huge opportunity in this huge crisis, but it needs my commitment to change first. To change my thoughts from powerless to powerful and then to focus my thoughts for the good of all.

Will you join me?


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