Music in These Times of Changes

The Human Revolution

Just having come back from five days at Mystic Garden Party, I feel called to write about a group of musicians who have deeply touched my soul.

Some of their names are: Fantuzzi, Freedom Tribe, Human Revolution, Maysin, Sasha Butterfly Rose, Shimshai, Singing Bear, Steven Rouch, Tina Malia, and Travis Levity. You can read short bios of them here.

These musicians are some of the storytellers, poets and song writers of our times. The are helping us weather these current changes through their music. Through their words. Trough the lives they are living.

Most of them are under 40 years old. All of them are accomplished musicians, writers, poets, song writers. All of them have the ability to inspire us to dance, sing and celebrate.

As if they have spent life times as shamans, bards, musicians, poets, and gypsies honing their musical craft. As if they have come back over and over again purrfecting their skills.  Most of them play both multiple instruments and sing. Just so that they are available – now – to guide us.

Their music is soothing our fears of the unknown future we are all facing. They are inviting us to let go into the current carrying us into that future. To trust that we will be safe even in upcoming upheavals.

They are showing us how to open our hearts to each other in compassion. They are pouring our most hidden dreams into inspiring words and uplifting melodies. In these times of changes.

They are calling us to take care of our mother, the earth, the living, breathing Gaia. To love and honor her.

They are reminding us in their songs to trust the Divine, God, Source. To remember that we are never alone. To know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. To entertain the possibility that we are the ones with the solutions to the problems we have created.

All of it in these times of changes.