Obama’s Speech at the Tuscon Memorial

Times definitely are a-changing …

Listening to Obama speech at the Tuscon Memorial on Jan 12, 2011. It is all over the news today, a day later.

My first response seeing Obama on the podium was “Oh my god… how gray his hair has become in 2 years only…” and it brings tears to my eyes to watch this.

And then listening to him make sense out an emotional super-charged situation. The “new” politician who uses the collective emotions evoked by such a catastrophe as a way to unify this collective, instead of polarizing, blaming, and finger pointing.

The forces that divide us are not as strong as the ones that unite us.” Obama just created his legacy in that sentence.

An interesting piece: Christina Green, the girl killed in this shooting, was born on September 11, 2001, that is on 9/11. What a life of service she offered to come in on a day of a national tragedy/opportunity and to leave on a day of a national tragedy/opportunity… What a large soul.

We are living in new times, for sure…


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