Dancing with the news these days

It feels so anticlimactic to check out Google News this morning, after immersing myself in the alternative news of various websites like www.ascensionwithheart.com, www.the2012scenario.com, and www.removingtheshackles.blogspot.com.

An article trying to forecast what President Obama’s second term might entail, brings up a chuckle in me, as at this point I know for sure, that it will not be based on anything dredged up from past experiences. Another article once again looking for reasons why the economy is not picking up yet, feels like a thin layer of ice over a deep alpine lake. Glancing at headlines about the squabbles between various Republic presidential candidates seems like watching children fight in a sandbox, including some down to earth mudslinging.

All of it is taking on a layer of surreal play acting in the face of the epic struggles going on behind the scenes. These attempts at business as usual fail to hold my attention while empires are collapsing, worlds are colliding, and rabbit holes are turning into warrens full of vistas into new worlds, new ways of being, and ancient dreams coming true.