Squirming.. Straddling.. Surfing.. Surrendering..

To me Vina manages to put into words some of the strange phenomena and feelings of this roller coaster ride many of us are on, called Ascension in 2012. I feel relief in not being the only one to feel so many different things…


By Vina, editor for The 2012 Scenario


For many, the shifts continue to arrive in quantum leaps and bounds. For others, it appears like groundhog day or slow snail pace. For me, it’s often fast and furious. One minute, I’m riding the crest of the wave, dancing the zuvaya. Next minute, I’m getting dumped by a tsunami tidal wave and I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, continue dancing or just allow myself to indulge in a combination of oscillating emotions all in the same moment.

A bit dramatic, one might say.

I’m sure many can relate in their own way. Most times, I just remember to catch my breathe, before I try articulating or expressing any of  the rapid shifts.

So here we are – experiencing ascension in our unique ways, with our own personal timings. And while we may often feel incredibly alone at times, it is comforting to know that many more of us are waking up and sharing our experiences with each other. For those of us who have been in hibernation, living like a recluse, avoiding lower density vibes – like I have been – the universe continues to gently nudge us forward and keep us in motion. We may find ourselves alternating between lull periods and active energy release activities. If you are generally inclined to veer towards the alternative left field, then being a little different seems pretty normal these days, as does being a black sheep, purple cow or even a pink elephant in this (cosmic playground) room.

As the planet’s frequency accelerates higher and quicker, so too does the integration speed of our energetic bodies as they morph into light crystalline. Spontaneous awakenings, unusual mystical experiences, intense dreams and soul travels. The initiation into the mysterium of our cosmic inner sanctum may include periods of squirming, straddling, surfing and so much more.

Like a baby coming down the birth canal, some have slid right out with minimal contraction and labour pains, a spank and shrieking cries, while others find themselves in the breach position still waiting for their water to break open.

Often, in between deep breathes, tears, bewilderment, surfing and dumping the waves of mania, bliss, depression, elation and ecstasy, one finds their footing, regains their internal balance and stumbles on a bit of magic amidst all the mayhem, even if just for a fleeting moment – something touches us deep within. Perhaps a serendipity or synchronicity that makes it all worthwhile.

We pay attention to the little things, subtle signs.. knowing they are all around us. Perhaps, you’ve been getting universal nudges and messages through certain movies, string of events.. virtually everywhere, in everything and anything.. Of course, utilising a bubble of protection as you move through discerning motions, whilst remaining open is a given. A juxtaposition in some respects, but have I mentioned the ‘straddling’ yet? A bit more on that  further down.

And then comes the surrender.

Acceptance. Ahh… were they the secret magic ingredients in facilitating a smoother transition all along? As we keep sifting and shifting, we find even more old behaviours and habits coming to the surface. Hello? I thought we had worked on these already. What’s with the cameo appearance.. with a vengeance? Oh, I get it – even more ancestral karmic clearing and primordial sludge to vanquish. Long held deep traumas and vasanas to process. As they continue to show up, we may find they have a deeper intensity than before and perhaps seem more archaic, but they can also be released just as quickly as they come up. Once the emotional body acknowledges its issues, processes instead of represses, the physical body is also able to clear the equivalent blockage. This in turns, releases and clears any limiting patterns from the soul’s cellular memory from our bio energetic fields.

Whilst many may still be on that roller coaster ride of transmutation and transformation – myself included – and I’ve certainly had my share of wild spontaneous combustions, anchoring and expressing surges of emotions of energies is paramount. Of course, this is just my own personal experience and it may be entirely different for you. Some of us scour sites online daily to find messages that resonate with us – be it, channellings from ascended masters, planetary intuitives or terrestrial commentators. Keeping an open mind about various sources and finding something useful is what I typically aim for, whilst applying energetic discernment where ever possible.

Some of us have already found that 5D doorway and slip back into 3D only momentarily. In those moments, I find myself straddling two realms. I know which ever reality I choose to direct and infuse all my energy towards, I will be swept into the most vibratory dimensional doorway, complimentary to my resonant frequency. So.. while on an intellectual level, things may read well and make sense, on an energetic shifting level, it is a kaleidoscope and house of fun as the mirror of my psyche reflects back those aspects to me that need polishing. Oh, such fun!

We are being asked to expand our multi-dimensional awareness with further self examination, spiritual inquiry, creative thinking and non-linear processing. The old ways are becoming redundant. We are navigating new territories and re-visioning new landscapes.

Actually, the number of times I’ve reached boiling point, major upheavals, whirling in my own psychological quicksand and purple haze exceeds counting. My set point now has changed and reverted to the number of times I allow my soul to release through tears, epiphanies, soul stirring cathartic moments and spontaneous little joys I find hidden in the most delightful, often quirky places. Then comes the zany laughter and the mini celebrations.

Music saves me, nature plays with me, my dreams re-create me every night ..

Speaking of dreams… like many others, your role may be as a sentinel. Defender of the star gates, portals and ley line grids. You may be amongst those, considered as portal jumpers. I know I have been working over time in this department since 11.11.11.

Lisa Renee refers to this in one of previous messages:-

Portal Jumpers

This inner ascension process is the inner stargate and orb building process.. of which some of us have been learning to navigate, as a type of portal jumper. Guardian Portal jumpers are assigned as a Sentinel (Defender) to make sure as many persons/soul bodies can cross through the frequency fence structures to be supported into the next options available for the consciousness evolution journey.

And for some of us the skipping through timelines and working in bi-location of consciousness in time fields leaves the physical body experiencing a heavy, dense grogginess similar to bad jet lag. Night time adventures and what we call dream cycles are highly unusual now for many of us.

We are moving extremely fast through timefields now, for various purposes, to complete and collapse obsolete parallel lives and their potentials, as well as learn the way out through the maze of timelines. Depending on the role you agreed on the earth to assist her and humanity through the ascension turnstile, will be the level you are aware of this situation, as it is at crisis level for some of us to go act as stabilizers or grid repair teams.

I AM on the journey of a lifetime !!! We all are …

Where ever you are on your ascension journey, is exactly where you need to be. NO rush and no comparing with where others are at. Each is the perfect unfolding of their own divine plan. Listen to your own body’s higher soul intelligence. Your heart is your inner compass. Minimise toxic distractions. Retreat if you need to. Regroup with others when cabin fever hits an all time high. Nurture the magnificence of YOU! This is an adventure. Choose your own. Align your thoughts, intention, energy and manifest your own reality. Love yourself .. and Love others .. no matter what!

We all volunteered to be here during these times.

Remember your divine soul covenant and original sacred blue print.

You are LOVE personified!