Dave Schmidt: Are You Ready for the Change?

Ulla:  I really enjoy this posting as it comes from a writer who used to spend most of his life in a mainstream career. Now Dave is an editor of The 2012 Scenario. He comes with a varied background, with most of it focused on service to others. He is a former State Senator in Washington State, USA, having spent 12 years in the Washington Legislature.


Are You Ready for the Change?

Posted by Dave Schmidt on May 30, 2012


When I first started reading the 2012 Scenario blog site, I was like so many of us going through a time of transition, a time of change.

Coming from a traditional church background, I must admit I was somewhat of a skeptic about all these messages coming from galactic and channeled sources. I had for most of life avoided what some would call ‘whoo-whoo’ New-Age thinking. I wanted something pragmatic; something I could talk about and share with others without looking like I was crazy and from some far-out place.

The blessings of the internet allowed me to read, discern, be open to myself, question and try all this new data coming into my life without going public. Having spent 20 years in politics I was always cautious of what I’d say, making sure it wasn’t something I didn’t want to see in the newspaper the next day.

But, quietly, I began to see what was happening. I saw and felt the message of love, care, and truth that was coming from many different postings on the site. I also noticed the commonality of the messages, the themes of the moment that were being discussed and mentioned by many of the different sources.

I realized there was something to what was being said. These ‘other world’ messengers were either right or it was some huge conspiracy that was going on. Over time, I became a believer to one who now has totally come out of the closet and is very open with what I believe.

Are you noticing the recent theme of change?

I am!!!

This morning I was watching a short Youtube video of C.J. Carl and his channeling a message about change that is coming.

I’ve noticed the same theme from SaLuSa, Greg Giles and the Galactic Federation, Celia Fenn in her monthly report, Jennifer Hoffman, channeled messages of Saul, Matthew, Hatonn, Jesus, and many others. Many of the professional astrologers are saying next month of June is bringing a great deal of change as well. I’m sure there are others you could add to this list, but you get the idea.

Have you noticed they’re not talking about the specifics of the change, but that it will be monumental? Most of them mention it’ll be somewhat chaotic for many. But they also say there’s nothing to fear.

I’ve been wondering why it’s been taking so long for the world economy to collapse. A basic understanding of economics 101 will tell you it can’t last under current conditions.

We’ve been told the current system must collapse before the new prosperity economy can be put in place. We’ve also been told that Gaia must go through some changes herself as she moves into higher dimensions.

C.J. Carl said the change is the result of all the new energies coming onto our planet. He said there’ll be three powerful energy streams. He likened it to three streams of water at different temperatures all coming together in one place, right where we’re located. These different energy streams are part of the transition and this type of mixture will create a temporary chaos.

But, as with all the others, the message came through loud and clear: Do not allow fear to take over.

Be strong, know who you are, stand in the power of your divinity and be a beacon of light to others. As Steve Beckow has been writing as a result of his messages from Archangel Michael: this is a time of transition as we move in a higher frequency of energy, a higher vibration of light.

This is the time when we as lightworkers need to truly hold the light for our fellow humans, be the example of love, strength and stability during this time of change.

As the saying goes: “Change is the only certainty.” I’m ready; I’m looking forward to the new energy of love and ready to embrace whatever comes my way with strength, love and courage. Let’s do this together!


The Facebook IPO Chaos on the Eve of an Eclipse

Banking Cabal Pumps and Dumps Facebook IPO

Posted by American Kabuki on MAy 22, 2012


I have to laugh at this Facebook IPO.

Its a company that is in part funded by a CIA venture capital firm. Its notorious for selling its users private information to anyone who pays. Its iPhone app sucks in private telephone numbers and adds it to its databases. It censors postings and images of its customers as they relate to politics and other controversial issues.  Its joking referred to as spyware with a login.

oogle’s motto is “Don’t be evil”, Facebook seems to be saying “We are evil!”.  And now the law of attraction seems to be active in how its bankers behave towards Facebook.  What a perfect storm of duality this circus is!

But even funnier is the blatant way the Banking Cabal is exploiting this 100 billion IPO.  Banking Cabal controlled media did the biggest media hype of the Facebook IPO the world has ever seen.  At the same time  GM pulled its advertising right before Facebook went public.  Investment banks put huge buy orders in to keep the price from collapsing Friday.  Venture Capitalists cashed out of the company.  Asians avoided the IPO like the plague.  Its price is now around $31.75.  The banksters pumped this IPO up, and are now dumping it like there’s no tomorrow.

The same financial media that was trashing Apple last week and praising Facebook as the best thing thing since the electric light bulb are now calling for CEO Zuckerman’s head and admitting Apple has true intrinsic value!

Zuckerman is a smart guy, but didn’t he know enough about the stock market to not go IPO on the eve of an eclipse?  Especially an eclipse as unusual as this one? Stock gurus know eclipses severely affect the stock market.  There’s a long documented history of that.  Who was the genius that timed this IPO?

Here’s a glimpse of this fiasco:

San Francisco Chronicle

EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Hedge Funder Who Bet $100 Million On The Facebook IPO Just Called And Boy Was He Furious (FB, NASD)
Nicholas Carlson, provided by
Tuesday, May 22, 2012


“No NATO, No War”:: U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return War Medals at NATO Summit

Posted by Steve Beckow on May 22, 2012


Democracy Now! broadcasts from Chicago, site of the largest NATO summit in the organization’s six-decade history. On Sunday, May 20, 2012, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as members of Afghans For Peace, led a peace march of thousands of people.

Iraq Veterans Against the War held a ceremony where nearly 50 veterans discarded their war medals by hurling them down the street in the direction of the NATO summit. We hear the soldiers’ voices as they return their medals one by one from the stage. “I am giving back my global war on terror service medal in solidarity with the people of Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Jason Heard, a former combat medic who spent 10 years in the U.S. Army. “I am deeply sorry for the destruction that we have caused in these countries and around the globe.”


Mytria/Mytre :: Two Realities at Once

Mytria/Mytre: Two Realities at Once

Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll and posted on May 21, 2012



Greetings from Mytria/Mytre and our Arcturian friends,

We would like to take you on a multidimensional journey. Please, just relax and enjoy the ride while we guide you in an exercise to assist you to remember your true, multidimensional nature…

Begin by seeing yourself aboard our Starship, Athena. There are many Pleiadians and Arcturians on this Ship working as ONE to assist humanity and Gaia with the great transition. Imagine yourself in a Corridor of the Ship. Now, walk over to the wall and touch it to connect with the life force of the Ship. You can feel that the Ship is happy to assist and guide you on your journey. Yes, the Ship itself will guide you, for it is a living being.

As you connect with the Ship, many memories flash into your awareness. These memories are multidimensional in that they are of experiences you have had as your fifth dimensional SELF. Close your eyes so that you can more easily allow these memories to enter into your physical brain.

Imagine these memories as pictures and feelings as you:

  • Look down to your feet and see what you have on them…
  • Look at your legs. What do they look like and what is covering them…
  • Look at what you are wearing…
  • Look at your hands and your arms…

Now that you have grounded your Essence in this reality:

  • See yourself embracing old comrades from your many visits to this ship…
  • Feel how their greeting warms your heart…
  • Notice how they encircle you and welcome you back from your “away mission”…
  • Hear their voices and look into their eyes…
  • Reach out to touch them and feel their touch on you…

Most of them have also extended their consciousness into one of their earth-bound expressions and are eager for that component of their beingness to return. It is well known that your Mission on Earth is not yet complete and that this meeting is only a visit.

However, in-between visits you spend much of your leisure time imagining a reality that seems so distant from your earth life, yet it will not totally leave your memory. This memory is a blessing, and feels like letters from home when you are far away. In fact, your Earth life is quite similar to a “tour of duty.” However, this tour of duty will last for the duration of your Mission.

When you first began to awaken, you could only long for that which was missing. Gradually, that longing forced you to go deep within to find the answers that were invisible to your physical world. Now you have found many answers and are sharing them with others.

Fortunately, there are more and more “others” with whom you can be open. In fact, openly being your SELF is an important part of your Mission. However, you do not wish to think about Earth right now, for you are temporarily Home.

When the time-bound thought of “temporarily” enters your mind, your vision of being on the Ship fades. Instantly, you close your eyes to regain your connection with your higher expressions of reality. You focus intently on the feeling of the Ship’s wall. It feels almost like skin, not in texture, but because it feels alive.

The memory of “things” being without life in your 3D world floods into your awareness and the hall begins to fade again. You focus intently on the feeling of the living wall and slowly maintain your connection to this higher dimensional reality.

While holding that image firmly in your awareness,
you ponder how your physical form will ever contain
this multidimensional awareness.
Fortunately, you refuse to participate in doubt.

You focus on the FACT that different frequencies of reality feel different. Your physical world has stark contrasts. “Things” have edges and hard boundaries and walls are hard and without life.

However, as you take a moment to partially open your eyes, you can see a faint emanation from every “thing” that you once thought of as non-living. In fact, as you look across the room, you see a vague emanation from the wall. Your eyes drift to a plant, a person or an animal to see how their emanation is much stronger.

As you look at the wall of your physical room, you see the overlay of the wall in the Starship, and you gradually return your awareness to the Starship. However, instead of trying to ignore your physical world while you travel inter-dimensionally, you hold BOTH worlds in your ever-expanding multidimensional consciousness. First, with your eyes partially open, you look around your area to see the many auras and/or electrical emanations. You “SAVE” that image to your mind and close your eyes, maintaining the image.

Now, see the Starship again. You are still alone in the corridor with your hand on the wall, and you hold that image as well. Now, close your physical eyes to block out your physical world and open your Third-eye to perceive your fifth dimensional world…

Next, maintaining the image of your hand on the Starship’s wall, open your eyes to your 3D world—BUT keep your awareness of the Starship active in your consciousness by keeping your Third Eye open…

Finally, with your physical eyes open to your physical world, maintain an opened Third Eye in your fifth dimensional world…

This exercise is how we, the Pleiadians, began our ascension into the fifth dimension. We had Starship travel before our ascension, but we also had many wars and conflicts. However, we began to tire of conflicts and battle. We are by nature a gentle people and would much prefer to dance, sing, create art, enjoy our friends and engage in amorous activities. The harshness of competition, battle and conflict hurt our Souls and lowered our frequency.

Then we found our home in the Pleiadian System. The Pleiades, also known as the “Seven Sisters,” is a cluster of young stars. Barely 100 million years ago, during the age of dinosaurs on Earth, the Pleiadian System was formed from a collapsing cloud of interstellar gas.

The biggest and brightest members of our System are blue-white and even the faintest stars in our cluster are about 40 times more luminous than your Sun. The star Alcyone is about 100 times brighter than your Sun.

Finding our new home was the first real safety we had experienced since we had left Lyra. As soon as we arrived here, we knew that we could develop a life that was akin to the callings of our Soul. Therefore, our dear ascending ones, we know how extremely difficult it has been for you to begin and go through your ascension process while you are living in a war zone. In fact, we literally understand your feelings, for many of us have taken an Earthly incarnation to assist the ascension from the body of Gaia.

We Pleiadians have enjoyed many incarnations/visits on Earth. We say “incarnations/visits” for we only experienced our lives there as incarnations before we ascended into the higher frequencies. Now we perceive our earthly forms as visits, log-ins, or choices to experience being on third dimensional Earth.

Also, many of us have volunteered to share our emanation with our grounded expression to over-light their choice to incarnate on ascending Gaia. Now that we resonate to multidimensional consciousness, we can constantly experience our life in our home world, on our Starship and in a physical form within the same NOW of the ONE. Except, of course, our grounded expressions are often unaware of the other realities that are running parallel to their physical self.

It is the return of your multidimensional perceptions that marks your conscious return Home to your higher expressions of SELF. Therefore, we encourage our beloved human brothers and sisters to remember that they are NOT and have NEVER been trapped on Earth. Only a very small segment of your Multidimensional SELF is living the experience of your physical earth vessel.

However, that earth vessel has been closed
to all multidimensional input
until very recently in your “time.”

As you return to your SELF, you will find great comfort in returning to your home world, your Starship and your higher dimensional Temples. These visits will gradually become similar to “going home” after a long day of work.

When you go to work, you do not expect that your house will leave while you are away. In the same manner, your higher expression of SELF does not disappear because you are placing your primary attention on your physical reality. Learning to simultaneously contain more than one experience of reality in your consciousness is the basis of returning to your Multidimensional SELF.

At first, you will only be able to have one “primary” reality at a “time,” but as you release your attachment to time, you will find that you can hold more than one reality as an on-going experience. Begin by living two realities at once and have your “other” reality be of one of your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.

As you practice this skill in your daily life, it will become easier and easier. Also, the 97% of your DNA that has been turned off since the fall of Atlantis or before is constantly being turned on by the higher light.

As you consciously remember to connect the experiences of your Multidimensional SELF with your daily, physical reality, you will merge your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating System. Once these two systems are merged, you can allow your third dimensional perceptions to expand into multidimensional perceptions.

Remember, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live.

We shall return, for we are always with you in a higher frequency,


Alycone and Ashtar Command


Steve Beckow :: How We Lived in Third Dimensionality

How We Lived in Third Dimensionality

Posted by Steve Beckow on May 21, 2012


Not like I know, but I’m willing to be that three things lie at the heart of the way we’ve come to live third-dimensionally. They are

(1) scarcity,
(2) insecurity, and
(3) self-servingness.

Several factors have contributed to them taking over our way of life today. There are undoubtedly more, but I think these three among them.

The first is the heaviness and non-conductivity of the third-dimensional body, which prevents higher vibrations from reaching us – until now.  The second appears to have been an alleged dumbing down of the human race millennia ago.

The third is the outworking of a dark plan by the cabal, now being defeated, which sought to concentrate wealth and other resources in fewer and fewer hands and come up with numerous rationales, philosophies, and other strategems that justified exploitation and disempowered the majority of the people.


According to the first factor in our third-dimensional view of life, resources are scarce in the world.  To this way of thinking, there isn’t enough to go around. Resources can’t be shared with everyone. Someone has to go without.

Life became represented as a struggle for survival in which only the fittest survived. Nature was seen as “red in tooth and claw,” ignoring the fact that human society did not need to be because humans can discern and choose to draw on finer, divine qualities.

Life was seen as full of conflict. We were conditioned to compete with those around us rather than share and cooperate. Some won and some lost.

The stronger were the wealthier, the militarily dominant, the people capable of making hard decisions, and so on. We extolled the so-called “free market,” “free enterprise,” and “rugged individualism.”

We arrived at an economic system that ridiculed attempts to spread wealth widely and equitably or create programs that saw to the needs of others, such as minimum wages, social security, universal medicare, pension plans, and so on. These were put down as “socialist” or “communist.”

Society allowed the strongest free rein as the only wise and fair way to overcome scarcity and have the race survive.


A life so lived breeds insecurity. If we lose our strength through disease, old age, or misfortune, we might fall off the ladder, tumble down, and join those deprived of a share in scarce resources. We might never climb back on the ladder of success again. Given our acceptance of the view of the heartlessness of natural selection and the “objectivity” of nature, there would be no one to speak for us or help us once we lost our grip.

Moreover, all of us faced at least old age and so, unless we were able to hoard wealth for our later years, we faced a dismal future. In the last decade, we’ve spent increasingly more of our lives worrying about how life would work out even as the economic and social order concentrated wealth in fewer hands. Many of us faced a wretched future – and do so now. Insecurity is rampant in such a society and grows and grows.

In the meanwhile and of late, those who were chosen to govern us have created a fictional war against non-existent terrorists, which was used as a blind behind which to whittle away our civil rights. The press, the courts, the police forces, the army and all other important pillars of society were suborned and bent to the service of an agenda of world dominance and the subservience of a greatly-reduced population.

A policy of divide and conquer saw the planetary controllers pit one country against another, the classes within a society against each other, the religions, colors, etc. Insecurity, fear and competition all contributed to the centralization of power and resources.


The ego left to its own devices interprets things self-servingly anyways.  But, in my opinion, such a society as this also glorified the ego. Looking out for number one became its dominant social philosophy, consciously or unconsciously. Its business philosophy spoke of sharks stealing lunches, the strongest dominating markets, and the pitiless vanquishing their enemies. Wars were rigged; patriotism was played upon; the media was silenced and bent to the service of captains of industry and, eventually they hoped, masters of the universe.

The interests of the few became the “national interests.” Those who demurred became “domestic terrorists.” Capitalism was extolled as a triumphant philosophy. The crumbs of the table were deemed to trickle down to the masses whose governments more and more abandoned them, surveilled them, and took away their rights.

This way of living produced indebtedness and failure among the many. Work was lost to machines, wages were lowered, and benefits decreased. When the vast majority of the population fell low enough, the 1% rebelled against the 99%, as the elite had always feared it would do.

* * *

Now, as the energies rise dramatically on the planet, we feel a draw to divine qualities such as love, compassion, truth, beauty, peace, and humility. As our minds quiet down, we emerge from a way of life centered around consumption, pleasure, and exploitation. We find ourselves hungering for peace, yearning for truth, and bursting with love.

We feel ourselves awakening from decades of dreaming and seeing that the “good life” that tantalized us was simply a cover for robbing the majority of the population and concentrating power in the hands of an elite. It was about as realistic as pretending that the lottery could be our pension.

It was an impossible dream because it was never intended to be possible. It was merely meant to distract by offering hope. The “American Dream” was just a carrot on a stick, used to drive us forward. Suddenly scarcity, competition, elitism, manipulation, and the awful future that we faced have become revealed for what they are.

We’ve awoken; and we’ve made it plain that we reject the vision of life and society that was sold to us, forced on us, and made to seem self-evident.

As it happens, we’ve had much help in this. I very much doubt we could have done it on our own. Moreover, we’re assured that it won’t take us going to war or overthrowing the elite for things to be put right.

And we’re advised that really all that we need to do is to go no further than embracing divine qualities, including forgiveness of those who intended to do away with us (for such was part of their plan), and to seek peace among a world now seen as composed of brothers and sisters.

We’re told that there has always been enough and that a new economy is coming in which co-operation and sharing are to be stressed and the well-being of all  to be seen to. We’re told that within months, disease on the planet, old age, want and poverty will all be reversed. We’re assured that by the end of the year we won’t recognize ourselves for the blossoming and transformation that will take place.

Assisted by the rising energies of love, allegedly coming from the Heart of One, we’re counselled to let go of all negativity, both that which we were conditioned to and that which we gravitated to when overthrowing the cabal.

All is unknown territory ahead of us and many surprising changes are said to be awaiting us. But at the same time we’re being given the fixative of divine love to enable us, the advantage of recognizable truth to empower us, and the boon of global peace, not here yet but in the offing to be sure, to reassure us.

We awaken from the nightmare and haven’t had time as yet to even catch our breath. But the dream is rapidly receding and soon will live only in our memory, which too, we’re told, will be erased by the capabilities that are being extended to us.


Angela Peregoff :: New Moon Awakening Kiss

New Moon Awakening Kiss

By Angela Peregoff on May 21, 2012



“Life is action and passion; therefore, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of the time, at peril of being judged not to have lived.”

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

As we sit basking in the dynamic presence of yesterday’s solar eclipse New Moon, there is no longer any question that a cosmic acceleration is influencing our times, as we seem to be in the midst of a new level of amplify. For the next couple of weeks our sun is resting in perfect alignment with the central sun Alcyone in the celestial Pleiadian system. This group of stars represents the seven sisters or seven Goddesses in our galaxy.

We also stand at the culmination of Wesak, a festival celebration of enlightenment.

Typically May is a mystical rebirthing time when we can relax, merge with Spirit, the higher planes, and drink in the elixirs of expanded consciousness. We relax and smell the roses (the scent of the Divine); we feel like focusing on comfort, beauty, security, and harmony within all our resources. However the particular stellar waves that will be pouring in from the galaxies above will be providing the signals and frequencies to anchor newer levels of awareness that include sacred respect for the value of life and consciousness.

Energy vibrations from the Galactic Center will be transmitted across the parsecs of space in a language of Light, a form of intelligent communication that affect and support all forms of consciousness. The Pleiades, Alycone, Maia, Electra, Merope and the rest of the cluster of stars from that region of the galaxy will be transducing transmissions and relaying them onward. Our Sun will catch the cosmic communications and distribute them to the rest of the solar system.

Each wave of particular frequency will be carrying a specific resonance of higher frequency and Divinity sent directly to your cells, where the spirals of your DNA are in harmonic resonance with the spirals of the galaxy. You will not see or feel the vibrations with you physical senses however your cells will catch the signals loud and clear. Your biology will know it is being called upon to tune itself to meet and match the new harmonics and entrain with the escalating waves of resonant energy.

Imagine as we progresses towards the Memorial Day weekend in the US, the kingdom of humanity will be breathing a New set of encodements that will usher in the experience of Life, physical immortality, and being our body of Light fully present in a cellular biology. The transmissions are very strong and nothing can dispel them. All life on planet Earth, as well as the entire solar system, must adjust to this energy. The Sun’s role is to maintain balance by supporting and sustaining the evolution of consciousness in this galactic realm.

If the resonance is not matched, then dissonance and discord occur, which is what you usually see unfolding as scandals, dishonesty, bickering, warmongering and new levels of madness. All manner of havoc is created by those who feel frantic because they cannot match the cosmic attunement. If you lose contact with your heart center, then you will not be able to fully occupy your body or use your mind to its greatest capabilities during this time.

So if you have, or still are feeling as though the universe is giving you a run for your money by having you stand in chaos, emotional upheaval, physical “jumpiness,” fatigue, phases of confusion, listlessness, sensing compression or its opposite, lightness of being, it is because as a committed vessel of Spirit, you are holding the newest frequencies and assisting in raising the vibration of the planet through your physical being. It may help to remember that cosmic energies are always absorbed by the earth, so to remain calm and centered, do as the rest of Nature’s creatures and stay in touch with the ground.

As an emissary of Divinity upon Gaia during this time many are acting as grounding points of the deeper commitment of spirituality and consciousness that is surfacing. As an entity understanding, “one with all” your karmic ethics has you devoted to the purpose of Ascension.

As a straight shot of Source’s dimensional equipment you are a very important component for the New Living Field of embodiment. This knowledge may, or may not, make up for all that you are processing physically and emotionally, however, know that if you are building, claiming, and anchoring what is necessary to advance there are celestial elders watching over you. If the need is there, ask for their assistance when the merger of energies becomes too much. They will help, and at the same time make sure that you continue to grow.

With so many scrambling changes occurring at once many are feeling as though they exist in a house of mirrors. Possessing a keen awareness of the invisible happenings can be distracting and confusing for the human living in accelerated times. We all need to schedule time for pampering when we are feeling ill at ease. For those that perform reality checks and find they are frenzied by energies that are somewhat difficult to handle, you need to formulate clear plans for balance and clarity by consulting your own internal pillar of wisdom and commonsense. The message here is not to beat yourself up for feeling bewildered and out of rhythm.

Everyone is involved in this intensive interchange; some are just aware that they are rendezvousing with sacred agreements and contracts. Brainstorm ways that will support the times of disenfranchised spiritual jolts. Visit a health practitioner, make sure your diet is sound, avoid taking big risks, join a metaphysical group, get lost in the arms of nature, etc. You are the only one who can muster the blockbuster remedies for amplified waves of Light running through the human collective with a vengeance during these times.

As the month comes to a close there will be a definite steadying effect that should be felt by all. But before jumping for joy and high-fiving everyone in your spiritual circle open your mind, while the opportunity presents itself, to newly landing ideas that lead to stunning accomplishments in your human and psychic life. As you settle in after the latest stationing between the full moons inspirations and illuminations will be soaring through your brain.

Take time to write it all down for future reference. We have just been sent information on how to BE our truth in greater measure. That means life will be in our favor when we remain in harmony with our Soul values, not our human characteristics such as curtailing, suppressing and limiting the directive of Spirit.

Personally, I work diligently to remain in alignment with Universal Harmony and this usually moves me beyond the spaces of whirlwind energies and magnetics. Yes, my physicality still remains a utilized tool of SOURCE THOUGHT so I have my days of light-particle processing when I am dizzy, headachy, or stiff and sore but I recognize this as an opportunity to be a great and clear Light for the greater good and try not to whine too much about it. After all, pro-creators are the connector links of unification between the eternal and the now. How cool is that?

Despite the transitioning symptoms we are in the Era of Pure Eternal Awakening and life force energies. We are coming to understand that Purity and Divine Will are the atmosphere that keeps Intelligence alive now and everything that vibes with It enjoys unification at its highest standards. It is a space where one can live out mastery within life circumstances and situations leading to perfection and acceptance.

The old is easy – the New is spiritual embodiment made physical!

Thanks for being a cosmic volunteer to Universal Source Substance,

©2003 – 2012 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved.

Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website: www.angelaperegoff.com