Let Us All Serve the Light

Let Us ALL Serve the Light

Posted by Kauilapele on May 5, 2012

I saw this article by Steve today, and felt very strongly moved to post this now. This may be my only post for today. First, coffee… Excellent! (“Peruviopian” (Peruvian + Ethiopian))…

There sometimes seem to be few who look at this particular person (“O”) with anything but contempt and doubt and scorn and whatever dark-intended words they can come up with. If anyone has any problems with posts that view Obama in a positive (for the “good” of the world) Light, you’ may want to skip this one.

I will not look at anything in this short intro to Steve’s article except what presents itself to me, from the Light. As far as this introduction is concerned, there are no politics, or agendas, or anything like that. Remember from yesterday’s post with Drake and Bill Wood, I wrote about what Bill and Drake said, “Pt. 2, 0:10. If some are not arrested that we expect to be, they may be moles. We may not know the whole picture. Some are in the “bad guy” camp and playing their [the “bad guy’s”] game to help expose them.” And I will assure you, working in the position of “President of the United States” is indeed being right in the middle of the “‘bad guy’ camp” (and btw, this whole “good”, “bad”, description words are only part of the duality view; guaranteed many who have been called “bad” are as much a part of the Light show as are those called “good”).

As I view all of this, the Light is “winning”. It has to. It is “winning” because we are, each one of us, operating more and more from our Light selves, and from an awareness that we each are Light beings. More and more are learning to view everything from their Light selves, their Energy selves, with their Light Eyes and Light Ears and Light Senses all turned “on”, and attuned to the messages they receive from the Light (Higher Senses). And this message here is coming via my Light (Higher) senses.

The one who is currently playing the role as President, living in the White House, is one who was chosen eons ago, and trained for eons, to come into that role, at exactly this time. No one else could do that job. Whether the physical body was born here, or born there, or traveled to Mars, or to Venus, or to Andromeda, matters not. This being was placed here, by choice, to do this job: to initiate the final steps that bring this entire planet out of the darkness of duality, and into the freedom of the Light.

That’s what I am doing. And that is what he is doing.