Aisha North:: Manuscript of Survival – Part 131

Manuscript of Survival – Part 131

Constant Companions through Aisha North

May 6, 2012

Todays message will in many ways follow in the footsteps of the previous ones, as we are still intent on being your cheerleaders as it were. Let us explain.

For many, this process can be likened to a trip on a rollercoaster, and a rollercoaster enveloped in darkness at that. As you all know so well by now, there is no way to predict just what will happen next.

Will it be a day of joy and upliftment, or will you be plunged into a seemingly free fall without an end?

This is indeed a process with so many ups and down, and the interval between these abrupt shifts varies too, so you never know when everything changes suddenly again. Up and down and sideways, to and fro, everything is like a restless energy moving you seemingly at random through your days and your nights. It might feel scary, as there seems to be no control or plan behind any of this. Well, let us just say that nothing could be further from the truth, as this is all mapped out in meticulous detail beforehand.

But again, we follow a plan and a sense of time that differs mightily from the ones you are so used to, so everything will seem to be very, very chaotic at times. Just do not think that this feeling of chaos will go away anytime soon. In fact, it will seem to be increasing, as events will soon take a turn for the worse.

Or rather, on the outside, or to an untrained eye, it will seem to be for the worse. But for us, and those amongst you already sufficiently aware to be able to discern between illusion and truth, all of these seemingly negative effects that will start to spin their waves all across your globe will be seen for what they really are. A purging of old and outdated systems in preparation for the insertion of the new.

In other words, the dismantling process will be taken up a notch, and as such, much dismay will be spreading through a large proportion of your fellow humans. They will see only chaos, but you will see order where others fail to see anything but sure signs of collapse. This may sound confusing, but as we have stated on so many occasions by now, the old must be literally blown away in order for the new growth to take hold. And fear not, this does not entail bringing you all back to the primitive days when it was every man for himself, and where the power of aggression and fear ruled supreme. No, we are talking about something else than mere anarchy here. We are talking about a process that will be literally setting new and magical things into motion at the same times as the old ones are extinguished. You will not be left dangling in an empty void between these two states, but it will in many ways feel like that to so many of you.

You see, there is no good way to describe all of this beforehand, as you have no way of understanding it just yet, but trust us when we say that you will be taken well care of throughout it all, as without you, this process cannot be completed. So it will do nothing good at all if you were literally frightened out of your wits and thereby rendered unable to finish the work you came here to do. Although you will at times feel very vulnerable and lonely, we will do our utmost to make sure that you will still be able to function, and messages like these will only be a small part of this helping hand so to speak that we are at all times holding out towards you.

We will repeat this message again and again, as it is indeed imperative that you do come to terms with the fact that although everything around you will seem to be collapsing, mayhaps including your own physical body and your mental state, never forget that you came here specifically equipped to be able to sustain the sort of pressure you are currently under, and more so. But as you are indeed sheltering inside the somewhat frail looking physical body of a human being, you will at times have a hard time believing in your own strength. There is no need to doubt yourselves, but it is very understandable if you do so, therefore we will in many ways be stepping up the contact over the borders as it were and help you to regain your memories.

As we have already stated, you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and you are no less than indestructible, and now will be a good time to start tapping into that reservoir again. Do not fear that you will become trapped by your own frailty. It does not exist, only in your mind, and it is time to let go of the reins that the mind is trying to control you with.

We have said this on so many occasions, but now, you will all have the opportunity to start testing out this in a major way. You see, you will meet many obstacles in the upcoming days and weeks, so try to keep these words clear in your mind, or rather in your heart, and make an effort to see past all of the negativity that will cloud so many other people’s judgements. Again, you have been well trained to think that anything ”negative” that happens is cause for alarm, and maybe even some self-recrimination, but that is only if you see it with the eyes and beliefs of yesterday.

In the new way of things, you will see that as always, everything happens for a reason, and any form of collapse or dismantling is only a clear signal that a resurrection is about to take place. And no, not resurrection as refferred to in your holy books. We refer to a resurrection of a whole planet, not a single being or a single idea. So do not get trapped by the mounting fear from all of those unable to see the silver lining in the clouds that will soon start to envelop you all. You will be hold aloft not only by your own soaring spirit, but also by the support from all of your brethren, both in human shape but also of the more celestial kind.

So keep going ahead, even if your mind tries to tell you to run the other way. It cannot sway you, only if you let the voice from your heart be drowned by the mind’s incessant whining. You are made of far stronger stuff than that dear ones, and we know you will prevail, even if you at times feel a nagging doubt descending like a pallor over you. Remember what we have told you on so many occasions before: these challenges are in no way a sign of any wrongdoing or ”bad karma” on your part, far from it. All of these challenges are merely signposts along the way, and they are pointing out very clearly that you are advancing at a rapid pace indeed.

At times the pace might seem to be a bit too much, but be that as it may. We are more than confident that you will take it all in your stride. Just remember to look back over your shoulder at times, and marvel at the long succession of signposts you have already passed. You have made it this far, dear friends, and there is nothing holding you back from attaining that final goal shimmering at the end of this obstacle course. You might get a bruised knee on the way, but nothing that will harm you too much. So keep going confidently ahead dear ones, even if the next part of this rollercoaster might be a bit more exciting than you mayhaps bargained for.

Remember, we know the whole setup of this journey ahead of you, and even if we are not the ones travelling it, we know fully well that it is more than within your reach to do so. So have faith that even if you feel tossed about on this rollercoaster, it is not about to derail. Not now, nor ever, so lift your arms and scream and shout to signify that you are not at all overwhelmed by any of the twists and turns this ride will take. It is a thrilling one, is it not?

After all, it is the ride of your lives dear ones, so make sure to enjoy it even if your mind tries to tell you to get off at the earliest possibility. You would not want to miss out on the best part, would you?



Dr Suzan Caroll:: Message from our Self

Message from our Self

By Dr Suzan Caroll

May 8, 2012

blue cosmic wave

We are the higher frequency expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

We come into your consciousness now because we see you are ready to ascend. In fact, many of you have felt as though you are on the cusp of going somewhere, knowing something and/or experiencing a version of your SELF that you have forgotten over your myriad incarnations in the third dimension.

You can feel that expression of yourself, as well as the courage, dignity, power and unconditional love of that expression of your SELF, just beyond your reach. Of course, you have learned, finally, that reaching is a third dimensional paradigm. In the fifth dimensional paradigm you shift your reality, not by trying and working hard against resistance. On the fifth dimension you shift your reality by flowing in the current of multidimensional light and unconditional love, as you surrender to each and every situation that you meet/create.

Meeting/creating is the basis of the paradigm shift. In the third dimension, you meet, run into and wait for that which you WANT to experience. On the other hand, in a fifth dimensional reality, you follow, flow and surrender into each pattern that you Know YOU have created with your thoughts and emotions. From the fifth dimension you can observe your third/fourth dimensional expression trying NOT to try and fighting that moment of surrender. You are having this struggle, not because you are afraid, but because your third dimensional habits still dictate you behavior.

As you move into the fifth dimension, your every thought and emotion becomes manifest. In fact, that is occurring right now, but there is still enough left of “time” that you don’t always realize the connection between your thoughts/emotions and the reality that you have created. Now that you are on the very cusp of the fifth dimensional paradigm of reality, your thoughts and emotions are manifesting faster and faster. Hence, the time between thoughts/emotions and creations is closing.

Unfortunately, many of you have not, yet, become Masters of your Energy. Because of this, some of your thoughts and emotions are still fear (ego) based. Fear/ego based emotions encompass fear, anger, sorrow, rage, anxiety and depression. While the energy pattern of your consciousness still contains fear-based thoughts and emotions, you create a reality that is third/fourth dimensional because the resonance of your consciousness is too low to adhere to the fifth dimensional matrix.

Your resonance must match the resonate frequency of any given world in order for you to adhere your consciousness to the frequency patterns of that reality.

Third dimension patterns are
angular, separate and oppositional,
whereas fifth dimensional energy patterns are
lowing, united and circular.

It is not possible for an angular state of consciousness to adhere and flow to a circular matrix? Also, “trying hard” to control your energy field will not work, for trying is a third dimensional behavior. You only try hard to do something it is because you doubt (fear) that you can easily do it. Think about it, if you know your can do something, you don’t try.

You simply do it.

Those of us, you, who have worn a 3D earth vessel for myriad incarnation have forgotten the innate abilities that your earth vessel has hidden within its unused brain and turned-off DNA. Now, our Galactic light and unconditional love is turning-on this unused DNA and downloading and booting up your new Multidimensional Operating System. This System has lain latent in your human brain for millennia, but if you go back in your memory to the peak of Atlantis, you will remember how to use it.

You will also “remember” how to accept that your innate thinking is multidimensional. To think multidimensionally, you must release concepts that are bound by time, ego, separation, gender, polarity, opposition, as well as anything that is fear-based. The challenge is that in order to release all fear-based thoughts and emotions, you must be conscious of them before you can choose to refuse to participate in them. In other words, when you catch yourself in the midst of a fear-based thought or emotion you must recognize that it is, indeed, based on fear. You may think this is an easy task, but it is not. Fear has become such an entragal part of your third dimensional life, that most of it goes unnoticed.

In fact, consciously identifying any form of fear can only occur when you are NOT trapped in the 3D Game. As you have all experienced, it is not difficult to recognize fear when you are in a high state of consciousness. For one thing, the juxtaposition between the unconditional love of your higher consciousness and fear is very obvious. Furthermore, when you are experiencing unconditional love, it is a simple task to release fear by unconditionally forgiving yourself for experiencing it. Unfortunately, you only have a few of your “minutes” to become conscious of your fear, as the fear will release adrenalin into your system, which will lower your consciousness into the third/fourth dimension.

Once your consciousness has returned to the resonance of your 3D reality, it is very difficult to unconditionally love yourself free of fear. In fact, once in a state of third dimensional consciousness, you are more likely to judge yourself for having fear and to become angry (fear-based) at your self for “doing it AGAIN.” We, your higher expressions of SELF, understand your quandary. Once you return to the habit of being third dimensional, fear and self-judgment are the first to meet you. Because of this problem, we wish to give you a “leg-up” into the next resonance of your journey.

We, who are actually YOU at a higher frequency of resonance, are lowering our resonance to meet you in-between that which you can almost feel and that which you are living. We know that you cannot feel our presence when you are trapped in fear, work, conflict, time, loneliness and other third dimensional experiences. However, within the very second that you can release yourself from this trap we will step-into your consciousness. You may wonder how we can step-into you. Therefore, we will answer that question. We can step-into you because you have given us permission to do so.

Since Earth is still a free-will planet, you must give us, who are actually you, permission to step directly into your consciousness at the very second that you identify and release all expressions of fear. Therefore:

· Take a moment and give us that permission NOW…
· FEEL our presence just before you…
· How do we appear to you?
· How do you see us?
· How do your hear us?
· Reach out and touch us…
· Allow your aura to expand to meet ours…
· Open your heart and mind to experience our unconditional love…
· Surrender to that feeling of unconditional love and multidimensional light…
· Fall into the Flow of our (your higher) Being…
· As we Step-Into YOU…

Only fear, and its best friend self-doubt, can interfere with this process. Remember, the “right way” to do this is “Your way.” YOU are your Path of Ascension.

YOU are the Portal to your Ascension.

The 97% DNA that is now being turned-on by the incoming light and love is filled with miniature wormholes into the multidimensional world that has eluded your conscious perception. Additionally, your Multidimensional Operating System is being connected to and over-riding your Third Dimensional Operating System every time you Surrender to your higher frequency of SELF. Remember, you cannot attach, connect, or forge ahead into your fifth dimensional SELF, for those are third dimensional actions. Instead, you employ the fifth dimensional actions of accepting, merging with and falling into your higher frequency expression of SELF.

In this manner, you can become ONE with the feeling, reality, expectation that seems so close and yet do far. Fortunately, close and far are third dimensional terms, which are becoming increasingly obsolete. Other things are, also, becoming obsolete in your reality such as worry, darkness, fear, money, work, wars, taxes, restriction and much, much more.

· Can you BELIEVE that these third dimensional experiences are leaving your reality?
· Can you take the risk to BELIEVE that everything that you have felt inside your higher states of consciousness is REAL?
· Can your BELIEVE that the third dimension is an illusion, a holographic projection?

You have read or heard these promises from others, and manly of you have also heard these words, impressions and images inside your SELF. NOW, in order, to surrender into that which we see you SO deeply desire, that which you are ready to experience, you must BELIEVE that it is real.

How could you step-into an illusion? Actually, the answer to that question is quite simple, for that is the basis of your third dimensional reality. For myriad lifetimes you have volunteered to flow-out a version of your true, Multidimensional SELF to step-into a third dimensional world based on the illusions of time, polarity, separation and limitation. Gaia’s third dimensional version of Earth is graduating into Her Higher Expressions now. Gaia wants you all to join Her, but She cannot wait much longer for your decision to surrender. The cosmic energy field that is sufficient to “take Her Home,” is on the HERE NOW.

You are feeling a sense of urgency and a need to become, but you may not be sure about what you will become. Therefore, you must surrender to that which is unknown to your third dimensional self, but well known to your Multidimensional SELF. Your higher expression of SELF has logged in-to and out-of myriad realities and has had many experiences of ascension. Therefore, you do not need to learn anything. You only need to consciously connect to your Multidimensional Operating System, so that you can remember your SELF NOW!

(After writing the above, I watched the end of a Star Trek – Deep Space Nine show, which I had fallen asleep to last night. The show was about imagination and how things they imagined came true. They became frightened by the experience, first a small fear, then a larger fear and finally a fear that their entire star system would be destroyed. The problem was that they did not know that they were imagining anything. Finally, the Commander figured it out and told everyone to imagine that everything was back to normal, which worked. In the closing scene, one of the people they thought they had imagined turned out to be a very advanced being who was, in fact, exploring human’s power of imagination. It turned out that the Commander had imagined everything. So who is the Commander of your imagination?)