Ulla Mentzel

Ulla Mentzel

I have lived a life full of a wide range of experiences both personally and professionally, very rich in contrast, from high-tech entrepreneur to poet, from spiritual book writer to teacher of various arts, from home and office organizer to hospice caregiver, from living in my van to managing a small guest house, and lots more in between.

Born in Angola, Africa, I spent my first six years of my life on a coffee and tobacco plantation in the middle of the African high desert. After that I was raised in Germany by German parents, was a high school exchange student in Iowa, and received an MA in American Literature.

I have lived in Berlin, West Germany, for ten years before The Wall came down, moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii, when Berlin was not an island anymore, spent twelve years in the Bay area, and seven years in Ashland, Oregon.

I am currently spending my winters in Mexico and my summers traveling on the West Coast of the USA.

I am the mother of 2 grown young people, and a grandma.

Part of me is from a positive timeline future and “remembers” the events, that lead to that positive timeline. That “knowing” helps me feel very inspired and optimistic about these times of heightened duality.

And this is who I AM spiritually:

Yes We Designed A Life

Yes we designed a life
To birth a knowing
Called for in times of need
And we created me
The human vessel to live here
On earth and as a fellow being
Right in the midst of all

I lived the life that we foresaw for me
And I became the woman
We wanted me to be
With every grace and scar in place
Thru which the knowing
Has been birthed and shaped
Into a perfect jewel
So that the seeing in the light
Turned into knowing here on earth

~~ Ulla! 2005 ~~

Mandala 17 by Ulla!

Mandala 17 by Ulla Mentzel


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Precious Ullala! I love you sister. You are such a love light in this world! An inspiration and bubbling joy! I wonder when and where our paths will cross again? You live on in my heart dear one. Myrica

  2. Ulla, I am moved by your passionate heart,
    your soulful words,
    the skill of insight.
    In moments that could constrict….You OPEN.

    I am grateful for the opening I have received here.

  3. Love the energy-Love the poetry and the mandala. In “the Untethered Soul”, Michael Singer says: “The path of using life to evolve spiritually is truly the highest path”.
    Ulla-you emulate that and celebrate that in day to day life.

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