Tribal Fusion Male Belly Dance :: Illan

What a deelight to watch this young man who is about 18 years old dance his version of tribal bellydance mixed in with hip hop moves and extraordinary body awareness. Enjoy this dance performance:



Video: 16 year old Luke Lucas on X-Factor singing like a pro

Ulla: Oh my god, what a voice, what a surprise, what sweet energy!

His first audition on xFactor…

“You don’t learn to sing like that. You are born singing like that.”

Quote from one of  the judges


Video:: Jeet Kei Leung – Transformational Festivals – TEDxVancouver

Ulla: This subject is really close to my heart:

The transformational power of music festivals.


A glimpse of our future: First Baby Bath

Ulla: Here is a glimpse of the future for newborn ones in this French video of a baby’s first bath. So sweet, so present, so slow and deliberate. And all of it reflected in the baby’s face… This bath actually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

We have a glorious future waiting for us.



Thanks to Fred Burks for posting it here:


William Kamkwamba’s creative genius

I just love watching these young people come into this world today full of simple solution and a bag full of skills way beyond what education and experience should have given them.


William Kamkwamba (born August 5, 1987) is a Malawian inventor and author. He gained fame in his country when, in 2002, he built a windmill to power a few electrical appliances in his family’s house in Masitala using blue gum trees, bicycle parts, and materials collected in a local scrapyard. Since then, he has built a solar-powered water pump that supplies the first drinking water in his village and two other windmills (the tallest standing at 39 feet) and is planning two more, including one in Lilongwe, the political capital of Malawi (quoted from ).

Below is a video of his book:  “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”:

And a comment by Jocelyn Layla Duncan, that describes pretty much what I feel about this guy:

I freaking love this guy. This reading this man’s book has made me rethink the way I completely waste all the resoucres and opportunities given to me as an American. The last time I used google I was looking up Aerosmith gossip and he built a working windmill with a library book in a non-native tongue, an 8th grade education, and a junkyard. I used to think of myself as being lower class but then I realize how much I have and how little of it I use. Thank you Mr. Kamkwamba. Your story has inspire me to go out into the world grab it by the short hairs and try to make it a better place.

Here is William’s blog:


Korea’s Got Talent: Sung-bong Choi

Korea's Sung-bong Choi

What a touching performance by an untrained voice, a life filled with hardship. What an inspiration to never stop dreaming. To not give up on what we feel passionate about. To follow that which feels good to us, brings us comfort and makes us feel alive.

I was feeling very touched, with tears in my eyes and a constricted throat. There is a quality in his voice… hard to describe. See for yourself:

New social movements: The difference between sheep and starlings

Bahrain Pearl Roundabout Twitpiced by AymanB

The unrest in the Arab countries of Northern Africa and the Middle East are rapidly spreading (see here for a well done overview on 21FEB2011).

Day by day more young people are inspired to demonstrate, mostly peacefully, for basic human rights or free elections in the face of longterm despotic leadership. Yes, mostly young people.

Even in China unrest among the young is brewing. They are calling for their own  “Jasmine Revolution” (see here).

What is happening here? How can we rap our minds around the fact that within the last two months at least 13 countries in Northern Africa are experiencing various levels of unrest amongst their young people? That two countries have lost their longterm leaders, and more are on the brink of loosing theirs?  How come this unrest is spreading like a contagious virus?

One common factor among the 13 countries is that 50% of the population in these countries is under 25 years young. These young people are hardest hit by unemployment, rising food prices in our worldwide climate of recession, and stagnating economies, often due to longterm corrupt leadership.

But isn’t it interesting in all these uprisings that there is no clear leadership associated with it? Have we ever had uprisings without leaders?

What if we are seeing a clash between two kinds of societal movement here? Old style and new style.

To me old style social movement looks like a shepherd tending to his flock of sheet with the help of a few dogs. The shepherd literally has the overview over his herd of sheep, assesses any given situation and instructs the dogs to move the herd out of danger into safety or into a direction the shepherd deems appropriate. The sheep only go bah and follow the shepherd via the dogs prompting.

This is pretty much the way leadership has looked for the past several thousand years. More or less benevolent shepherds tending masses of sheep.

Even in 1980 Eastern block uprisings like the Polish Solidarity movement had its leader in Leach Walesa, who later became president of a communist free Poland.

But this is different, as we are seeing no leaders emerging in these latest social uprisings in Northern Africa.

They actually remind me more of flocks of birds gathering and flying thousands of miles without a leader, without a hierarchal structure, than like a flock of sheep following a shepherd. A good  example are these starlings getting ready to roost.

It always amazes me how cohesively thousands of starlings can move without any discernible leadership.

Back to the uprisings in Northern Africa.

These youths also have  in common the ability and affinity to use internet communication as a means to know themselves connected with the whole world, if they choose to and have access to it (click here for an article about Facebook in Arabic). They see what other youths in the world have, as in Europe or the USA. and they want the same basic rights.Very understandably to me.

Arab Girl On Cell Phone

What if this social movement is connected and actually only made possible by the role the internet is playing in these uprisings. It is creating the instant link between masses of people expressing their grievances to each other, and thus realizing that they are feeling united in their concerns. The internet then also facilitates the possibility to act upon their grievances by coordinating mass gatherings within hours.

What if we humans are actually changing. What if we are becoming more like birds, growing our wings and our ability to fly into more freedom in these strange times full of so many changes? What if the internet is providing the common link between those of like minds and hearts, just as birds are linked in a collective consciousness driving them to fly thousands of miles into warmer climates, and back into cooler climates. All of this without any discernible leadership.

What if we are seeing these changes in humanity manifest themselves in our young ones? Can we older ones honor them for expressing a new paradigm in their choices? Can we cheer them on and support them in their legitimate demands for free election, no more torture, and an honest body of governance?

Can we trust these new times bringing new ways of being? Ways of focusing on what unites us rather than what separates us?