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New Moon Awakening Kiss

By Angela Peregoff on May 21, 2012

“Life is action and passion; therefore, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of the time, at peril of being judged not to have lived.”

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

As we sit basking in the dynamic presence of yesterday’s solar eclipse New Moon, there is no longer any question that a cosmic acceleration is influencing our times, as we seem to be in the midst of a new level of amplify. For the next couple of weeks our sun is resting in perfect alignment with the central sun Alcyone in the celestial Pleiadian system. This group of stars represents the seven sisters or seven Goddesses in our galaxy.

We also stand at the culmination of Wesak, a festival celebration of enlightenment.

Typically May is a mystical rebirthing time when we can relax, merge with Spirit, the higher planes, and drink in the elixirs of expanded consciousness. We relax and smell the roses (the scent of the Divine); we feel like focusing on comfort, beauty, security, and harmony within all our resources. However the particular stellar waves that will be pouring in from the galaxies above will be providing the signals and frequencies to anchor newer levels of awareness that include sacred respect for the value of life and consciousness.

Energy vibrations from the Galactic Center will be transmitted across the parsecs of space in a language of Light, a form of intelligent communication that affect and support all forms of consciousness. The Pleiades, Alycone, Maia, Electra, Merope and the rest of the cluster of stars from that region of the galaxy will be transducing transmissions and relaying them onward. Our Sun will catch the cosmic communications and distribute them to the rest of the solar system.

Each wave of particular frequency will be carrying a specific resonance of higher frequency and Divinity sent directly to your cells, where the spirals of your DNA are in harmonic resonance with the spirals of the galaxy. You will not see or feel the vibrations with you physical senses however your cells will catch the signals loud and clear. Your biology will know it is being called upon to tune itself to meet and match the new harmonics and entrain with the escalating waves of resonant energy.

Imagine as we progresses towards the Memorial Day weekend in the US, the kingdom of humanity will be breathing a New set of encodements that will usher in the experience of Life, physical immortality, and being our body of Light fully present in a cellular biology. The transmissions are very strong and nothing can dispel them. All life on planet Earth, as well as the entire solar system, must adjust to this energy. The Sun’s role is to maintain balance by supporting and sustaining the evolution of consciousness in this galactic realm.

If the resonance is not matched, then dissonance and discord occur, which is what you usually see unfolding as scandals, dishonesty, bickering, warmongering and new levels of madness. All manner of havoc is created by those who feel frantic because they cannot match the cosmic attunement. If you lose contact with your heart center, then you will not be able to fully occupy your body or use your mind to its greatest capabilities during this time.

So if you have, or still are feeling as though the universe is giving you a run for your money by having you stand in chaos, emotional upheaval, physical “jumpiness,” fatigue, phases of confusion, listlessness, sensing compression or its opposite, lightness of being, it is because as a committed vessel of Spirit, you are holding the newest frequencies and assisting in raising the vibration of the planet through your physical being. It may help to remember that cosmic energies are always absorbed by the earth, so to remain calm and centered, do as the rest of Nature’s creatures and stay in touch with the ground.

As an emissary of Divinity upon Gaia during this time many are acting as grounding points of the deeper commitment of spirituality and consciousness that is surfacing. As an entity understanding, “one with all” your karmic ethics has you devoted to the purpose of Ascension.

As a straight shot of Source’s dimensional equipment you are a very important component for the New Living Field of embodiment. This knowledge may, or may not, make up for all that you are processing physically and emotionally, however, know that if you are building, claiming, and anchoring what is necessary to advance there are celestial elders watching over you. If the need is there, ask for their assistance when the merger of energies becomes too much. They will help, and at the same time make sure that you continue to grow.

With so many scrambling changes occurring at once many are feeling as though they exist in a house of mirrors. Possessing a keen awareness of the invisible happenings can be distracting and confusing for the human living in accelerated times. We all need to schedule time for pampering when we are feeling ill at ease. For those that perform reality checks and find they are frenzied by energies that are somewhat difficult to handle, you need to formulate clear plans for balance and clarity by consulting your own internal pillar of wisdom and commonsense. The message here is not to beat yourself up for feeling bewildered and out of rhythm.

Everyone is involved in this intensive interchange; some are just aware that they are rendezvousing with sacred agreements and contracts. Brainstorm ways that will support the times of disenfranchised spiritual jolts. Visit a health practitioner, make sure your diet is sound, avoid taking big risks, join a metaphysical group, get lost in the arms of nature, etc. You are the only one who can muster the blockbuster remedies for amplified waves of Light running through the human collective with a vengeance during these times.

As the month comes to a close there will be a definite steadying effect that should be felt by all. But before jumping for joy and high-fiving everyone in your spiritual circle open your mind, while the opportunity presents itself, to newly landing ideas that lead to stunning accomplishments in your human and psychic life. As you settle in after the latest stationing between the full moons inspirations and illuminations will be soaring through your brain.

Take time to write it all down for future reference. We have just been sent information on how to BE our truth in greater measure. That means life will be in our favor when we remain in harmony with our Soul values, not our human characteristics such as curtailing, suppressing and limiting the directive of Spirit.

Personally, I work diligently to remain in alignment with Universal Harmony and this usually moves me beyond the spaces of whirlwind energies and magnetics. Yes, my physicality still remains a utilized tool of SOURCE THOUGHT so I have my days of light-particle processing when I am dizzy, headachy, or stiff and sore but I recognize this as an opportunity to be a great and clear Light for the greater good and try not to whine too much about it. After all, pro-creators are the connector links of unification between the eternal and the now. How cool is that?

Despite the transitioning symptoms we are in the Era of Pure Eternal Awakening and life force energies. We are coming to understand that Purity and Divine Will are the atmosphere that keeps Intelligence alive now and everything that vibes with It enjoys unification at its highest standards. It is a space where one can live out mastery within life circumstances and situations leading to perfection and acceptance.

The old is easy – the New is spiritual embodiment made physical!

Thanks for being a cosmic volunteer to Universal Source Substance,

©2003 – 2012 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved.

Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website:


A glimpse of our future: First Baby Bath

Ulla: Here is a glimpse of the future for newborn ones in this French video of a baby’s first bath. So sweet, so present, so slow and deliberate. And all of it reflected in the baby’s face… This bath actually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

We have a glorious future waiting for us.



Thanks to Fred Burks for posting it here:


William Kamkwamba’s creative genius

I just love watching these young people come into this world today full of simple solution and a bag full of skills way beyond what education and experience should have given them.


William Kamkwamba (born August 5, 1987) is a Malawian inventor and author. He gained fame in his country when, in 2002, he built a windmill to power a few electrical appliances in his family’s house in Masitala using blue gum trees, bicycle parts, and materials collected in a local scrapyard. Since then, he has built a solar-powered water pump that supplies the first drinking water in his village and two other windmills (the tallest standing at 39 feet) and is planning two more, including one in Lilongwe, the political capital of Malawi (quoted from ).

Below is a video of his book:  “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”:

And a comment by Jocelyn Layla Duncan, that describes pretty much what I feel about this guy:

I freaking love this guy. This reading this man’s book has made me rethink the way I completely waste all the resoucres and opportunities given to me as an American. The last time I used google I was looking up Aerosmith gossip and he built a working windmill with a library book in a non-native tongue, an 8th grade education, and a junkyard. I used to think of myself as being lower class but then I realize how much I have and how little of it I use. Thank you Mr. Kamkwamba. Your story has inspire me to go out into the world grab it by the short hairs and try to make it a better place.

Here is William’s blog:


The Transformative Touch of Awareness

I agree wholeheartedly and am grateful for Steve to put into words what I am myself feeling. You are not alone, Steve. And I am not alone either…


Posted by Steve Beckow

March 15, 2012

Workshop Area at Cold Mountain InstituteIt’s been many years since life changed for me, from the scrutiny and examination of things outside myself to the scrutiny and examination of things inside. I can remember the process back in 1976, while on a three-month encounter group at Cold Mountain Institute on Cortez Island, B.C., when I realized that nothing satisfied me these days more than watching my feelings arise, persist and pass away.

The process of self-observation had become more enjoyable for me than watching movies, sports, or anything else I could imagine. And the peace I felt when a troublesome feeling had been observed until it lifted and passed away, leaving space was more desirable than anything else.

I remember how funny I looked, six weeks into the program, when I finally got that I was out of touch with my feelings. There I was, running down the trail, shouting at the top of my lungs, “I got it! I got it! I’m out of touch with my feelings!” And everyone around me got what a magic moment that was for me, as funny and strange as it sounds now and even sounded then.

I remember how wonderful the whole group felt on the last days before we departed, sitting on the balcony, all the sound and fury gone, no one saying a word. Just sitting there, enjoying each other’s company. People who had screamed at each other in groups, rejected one another for this trait or laughed at each other for that way of being, now were closer than family.

I remember how I tempted God on Fantasy Day by allowing myself to be crucified (well, almost) and watching the wind suddenly pick up around me. I remember wondering if that was such a great idea after all. Was I tempting God? I cried and cried living through that experience and it changed me.

I remember the first time I felt self-righteous, ashamed, or arrogant and actually owned feeling that way. I felt stronger at that moment than if I had bench-pressed three hundred pounds.

All of this came up for me tonight as I remembered that I had actually written that SaLuSa reported God saying that war was to end on this planet. Was I really saying in public that God’s command could be known? Where was I going with all this?

Ridicule must be one of the hardest things to endure and few of us would invite it. It’s been used to keep people from discussing ETs and UFOs for decades. It’s regularly used to keep people in line on so many things. It can mean the end of a career. It’s the stuff of movies. And those who counter ridicule by becoming maudlin are equally the stuff of movies.

Can there be a quiet and moderate response to ridicule? In this most important area of life, in the acknowledgment that God exists, that God is all there is, and that we too are God, can there be a simple acknowledgment of that and a willingness to take the ridicule that comes from it, without striking back?

Must we as terrestrials look to extraterrestrials to teach us that one? Certainly most of the best of our sources acknowledge that they work for the Divine. They submit themselves to the service of our ascended masters who to a person serve the One.

It may be easier to talk to us about extraterrestrials than to talk about God. But everyone we talk to, whether they wish to acknowledge it or not, is here on a mission assigned to them by God – to find out who they are – and the answer to that riddle is that they are God – as is everything that is.

I’m tired of maudlin discussions of God but I’m also tired of having God be absent from our thoughts and our love. I’m weary of just about everything there is about our society that does not admit that it stems from God. I’m tired of smartness and savviness, fads and fashions that ignore God. I’m tired of apparent separation from God. And I can’t hide it any longer, to save myself from ridicule.

At last I’m willing to take the ridicule that comes from a quiet acceptance of God and a willingness to have Him or Her or It (as you like) be the important part of the equation.

Most of all, I’m tired of the shallowness of my own mind and being that refuses to see that I could not exist without God’s love, that everything I do, see, or feel is the result of the love which emanates from and is the same as God. I’m only a stone’s throw away from letting it all go and simply wanting to live in the contemplation of God. It’s an effort each day to bring myself back to whatever it is we’re doing, if that doing does not include the awareness of God or God’s love.

I’m not out of touch with my feelings any more. But I am out of touch with God, and that strikes me as far more serious and regrettable. Let the ridicule come. I don’t care any more. The longing for union is no longer resistible.


Squirming.. Straddling.. Surfing.. Surrendering..

To me Vina manages to put into words some of the strange phenomena and feelings of this roller coaster ride many of us are on, called Ascension in 2012. I feel relief in not being the only one to feel so many different things…


By Vina, editor for The 2012 Scenario

For many, the shifts continue to arrive in quantum leaps and bounds. For others, it appears like groundhog day or slow snail pace. For me, it’s often fast and furious. One minute, I’m riding the crest of the wave, dancing the zuvaya. Next minute, I’m getting dumped by a tsunami tidal wave and I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, continue dancing or just allow myself to indulge in a combination of oscillating emotions all in the same moment.

A bit dramatic, one might say.

I’m sure many can relate in their own way. Most times, I just remember to catch my breathe, before I try articulating or expressing any of  the rapid shifts.

So here we are – experiencing ascension in our unique ways, with our own personal timings. And while we may often feel incredibly alone at times, it is comforting to know that many more of us are waking up and sharing our experiences with each other. For those of us who have been in hibernation, living like a recluse, avoiding lower density vibes – like I have been – the universe continues to gently nudge us forward and keep us in motion. We may find ourselves alternating between lull periods and active energy release activities. If you are generally inclined to veer towards the alternative left field, then being a little different seems pretty normal these days, as does being a black sheep, purple cow or even a pink elephant in this (cosmic playground) room.

As the planet’s frequency accelerates higher and quicker, so too does the integration speed of our energetic bodies as they morph into light crystalline. Spontaneous awakenings, unusual mystical experiences, intense dreams and soul travels. The initiation into the mysterium of our cosmic inner sanctum may include periods of squirming, straddling, surfing and so much more.

Like a baby coming down the birth canal, some have slid right out with minimal contraction and labour pains, a spank and shrieking cries, while others find themselves in the breach position still waiting for their water to break open.

Often, in between deep breathes, tears, bewilderment, surfing and dumping the waves of mania, bliss, depression, elation and ecstasy, one finds their footing, regains their internal balance and stumbles on a bit of magic amidst all the mayhem, even if just for a fleeting moment – something touches us deep within. Perhaps a serendipity or synchronicity that makes it all worthwhile.

We pay attention to the little things, subtle signs.. knowing they are all around us. Perhaps, you’ve been getting universal nudges and messages through certain movies, string of events.. virtually everywhere, in everything and anything.. Of course, utilising a bubble of protection as you move through discerning motions, whilst remaining open is a given. A juxtaposition in some respects, but have I mentioned the ‘straddling’ yet? A bit more on that  further down.

And then comes the surrender.

Acceptance. Ahh… were they the secret magic ingredients in facilitating a smoother transition all along? As we keep sifting and shifting, we find even more old behaviours and habits coming to the surface. Hello? I thought we had worked on these already. What’s with the cameo appearance.. with a vengeance? Oh, I get it – even more ancestral karmic clearing and primordial sludge to vanquish. Long held deep traumas and vasanas to process. As they continue to show up, we may find they have a deeper intensity than before and perhaps seem more archaic, but they can also be released just as quickly as they come up. Once the emotional body acknowledges its issues, processes instead of represses, the physical body is also able to clear the equivalent blockage. This in turns, releases and clears any limiting patterns from the soul’s cellular memory from our bio energetic fields.

Whilst many may still be on that roller coaster ride of transmutation and transformation – myself included – and I’ve certainly had my share of wild spontaneous combustions, anchoring and expressing surges of emotions of energies is paramount. Of course, this is just my own personal experience and it may be entirely different for you. Some of us scour sites online daily to find messages that resonate with us – be it, channellings from ascended masters, planetary intuitives or terrestrial commentators. Keeping an open mind about various sources and finding something useful is what I typically aim for, whilst applying energetic discernment where ever possible.

Some of us have already found that 5D doorway and slip back into 3D only momentarily. In those moments, I find myself straddling two realms. I know which ever reality I choose to direct and infuse all my energy towards, I will be swept into the most vibratory dimensional doorway, complimentary to my resonant frequency. So.. while on an intellectual level, things may read well and make sense, on an energetic shifting level, it is a kaleidoscope and house of fun as the mirror of my psyche reflects back those aspects to me that need polishing. Oh, such fun!

We are being asked to expand our multi-dimensional awareness with further self examination, spiritual inquiry, creative thinking and non-linear processing. The old ways are becoming redundant. We are navigating new territories and re-visioning new landscapes.

Actually, the number of times I’ve reached boiling point, major upheavals, whirling in my own psychological quicksand and purple haze exceeds counting. My set point now has changed and reverted to the number of times I allow my soul to release through tears, epiphanies, soul stirring cathartic moments and spontaneous little joys I find hidden in the most delightful, often quirky places. Then comes the zany laughter and the mini celebrations.

Music saves me, nature plays with me, my dreams re-create me every night ..

Speaking of dreams… like many others, your role may be as a sentinel. Defender of the star gates, portals and ley line grids. You may be amongst those, considered as portal jumpers. I know I have been working over time in this department since 11.11.11.

Lisa Renee refers to this in one of previous messages:-

Portal Jumpers

This inner ascension process is the inner stargate and orb building process.. of which some of us have been learning to navigate, as a type of portal jumper. Guardian Portal jumpers are assigned as a Sentinel (Defender) to make sure as many persons/soul bodies can cross through the frequency fence structures to be supported into the next options available for the consciousness evolution journey.

And for some of us the skipping through timelines and working in bi-location of consciousness in time fields leaves the physical body experiencing a heavy, dense grogginess similar to bad jet lag. Night time adventures and what we call dream cycles are highly unusual now for many of us.

We are moving extremely fast through timefields now, for various purposes, to complete and collapse obsolete parallel lives and their potentials, as well as learn the way out through the maze of timelines. Depending on the role you agreed on the earth to assist her and humanity through the ascension turnstile, will be the level you are aware of this situation, as it is at crisis level for some of us to go act as stabilizers or grid repair teams.

I AM on the journey of a lifetime !!! We all are …

Where ever you are on your ascension journey, is exactly where you need to be. NO rush and no comparing with where others are at. Each is the perfect unfolding of their own divine plan. Listen to your own body’s higher soul intelligence. Your heart is your inner compass. Minimise toxic distractions. Retreat if you need to. Regroup with others when cabin fever hits an all time high. Nurture the magnificence of YOU! This is an adventure. Choose your own. Align your thoughts, intention, energy and manifest your own reality. Love yourself .. and Love others .. no matter what!

We all volunteered to be here during these times.

Remember your divine soul covenant and original sacred blue print.

You are LOVE personified!


Stay the Path by KaLea Joy

Here is a poem my friend KaLea spontaneously wrote after perusing this site:

Stay the Path

We look for rhyme or reason
in most we feel and see
and dig, deep and voraciously
to find how we are Free.

We cry in deep despair or sigh
when all appears in vain
but that which doesn’t always rhyme
is still Divine Refrain.

The path may seem obtuse at best
while dawn still hasn’t flown
but Love’s Light soon will pierce the veil
reveling our True Home.

~ KaLea Joy ~


Korea’s Got Talent: Sung-bong Choi

Korea's Sung-bong Choi

What a touching performance by an untrained voice, a life filled with hardship. What an inspiration to never stop dreaming. To not give up on what we feel passionate about. To follow that which feels good to us, brings us comfort and makes us feel alive.

I was feeling very touched, with tears in my eyes and a constricted throat. There is a quality in his voice… hard to describe. See for yourself:

Obama’s Speech at the Tuscon Memorial

Times definitely are a-changing …

Listening to Obama speech at the Tuscon Memorial on Jan 12, 2011. It is all over the news today, a day later.

My first response seeing Obama on the podium was “Oh my god… how gray his hair has become in 2 years only…” and it brings tears to my eyes to watch this.

And then listening to him make sense out an emotional super-charged situation. The “new” politician who uses the collective emotions evoked by such a catastrophe as a way to unify this collective, instead of polarizing, blaming, and finger pointing.

The forces that divide us are not as strong as the ones that unite us.” Obama just created his legacy in that sentence.

An interesting piece: Christina Green, the girl killed in this shooting, was born on September 11, 2001, that is on 9/11. What a life of service she offered to come in on a day of a national tragedy/opportunity and to leave on a day of a national tragedy/opportunity… What a large soul.

We are living in new times, for sure…

My “Brilliant Leaves” Poetry on Video

Here is a video of the first “offical” poetry reading of my poems about the luminous side of dying. I have been writing these poems at the beside of someone dying over that last four years.

The occasion for this video was my 55th birthday and goodbye party (I am moving to Santa Cruz) in Ashland on November 19th, 2010. I had the most supportive audience… Thank you all who were there…

My poems are looking for a literary agent and a publisher. Any suggestions?

Leave me a note below on the comment section, if you do…

Btw, aren’t the digital snow flakes fun? 🙂

Music in These Times of Changes

The Human Revolution

Just having come back from five days at Mystic Garden Party, I feel called to write about a group of musicians who have deeply touched my soul.

Some of their names are: Fantuzzi, Freedom Tribe, Human Revolution, Maysin, Sasha Butterfly Rose, Shimshai, Singing Bear, Steven Rouch, Tina Malia, and Travis Levity. You can read short bios of them here.

These musicians are some of the storytellers, poets and song writers of our times. The are helping us weather these current changes through their music. Through their words. Trough the lives they are living.

Most of them are under 40 years old. All of them are accomplished musicians, writers, poets, song writers. All of them have the ability to inspire us to dance, sing and celebrate.

As if they have spent life times as shamans, bards, musicians, poets, and gypsies honing their musical craft. As if they have come back over and over again purrfecting their skills.  Most of them play both multiple instruments and sing. Just so that they are available – now – to guide us.

Their music is soothing our fears of the unknown future we are all facing. They are inviting us to let go into the current carrying us into that future. To trust that we will be safe even in upcoming upheavals.

They are showing us how to open our hearts to each other in compassion. They are pouring our most hidden dreams into inspiring words and uplifting melodies. In these times of changes.

They are calling us to take care of our mother, the earth, the living, breathing Gaia. To love and honor her.

They are reminding us in their songs to trust the Divine, God, Source. To remember that we are never alone. To know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. To entertain the possibility that we are the ones with the solutions to the problems we have created.

All of it in these times of changes.

Experiences make us happier than possessions

openfaceI absolutely agree that experiences bring more happiness than possessions. Now there is a study to confirm that idea in an article I just found on

What a great opportunity in these times of changes to enrich our lives through more experiences rather than possessions. And the experiences do not have to be the expensive kind as in a trip around the world or a stay in a luxury spa.

I realized that for me experiences within my community of family members, friends and acquaintances are the ones that I cherish the most. They stay with me and in my memories for quite a while. I also found that these shared experiences help me feel more connected to the individual members. And the more connected I feel, the more I am able to send fear (when it does raise its head) on a vacation to Australia…

When I created my list, I realized that I came up with a lot of ideas for activities that are usually associated with children and childhood. Funny…

Here is a list of inexpensive suggestions I came up with:

  • A group hike and picnic to a lake, river or mountain
  • Barbecue potluck
  • Get to know your neighbor parties
  • Weekly drumming or singing circles
  • Surprise birthday parties
  • Pick up ball games in the park
  • Community pajama parties
  • Treasure hunts
  • Community talent shows
  • Potluck picnics in the park
  • Summer sunset parties
  • Full moon hike in the snow
  • Knitting or crochet circles
  • Used clothing swaps (or “Naked Ladies Parties” as one friend calls them)
  • Harvest party: glean fruit from ownerfree fruit trees and then make pies or jams had a poll on their home page on Feb 11, 2009:

Which brings you more happiness?
Experiences 86% 12153 votes
Possessions 14% 1907 votes
Total Votes: 14060

My question: so why do we all buy so many things, often way more than we need?

Feel free to add your own suggestions in your comments below.

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Justin Bieber, Canadian Teen Singer

I just found out about a 15 years old pop and R&B talent out of Canada, Justin Bieber (pronounced Beeber). He is the boy singing the opening verses in the remake of the “We Are the World” video.

Justin comes form a small town in Canada. He taught himself how to play guitar, piano and a few other instruments when he was 10 years old. In late 2007 he and his mother posted videos of Justin on Youtube, so that friends and family members could watch them. The following video shows an acapella version of “Without You” (a Chris Brown cover):

His Youtube videos went viral and millions of viewers watched them. Both Usher and Justin Timberlake got interested in promoting this young man, but Justin Bieber chose to sign with Usher. He and his single mom ended up moving to Atlanta to record his first album at the end of 2008.

His album called “My World” came out on Noember 17, 2009. It became the first album where all songs made it in to the top 100 songs in the USA. Since then he has been the opening act for Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”tour in England, sang in front of President Obama and his wife for Christmas, and gotten himself into trouble for being too popular with the girls.

Below is a video of him having his daytime television debut dancing and singing live on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

Here is a kid, no formal music training, self taught on several instruments, with the voice volume and range of an African American, and the ease on stage that normally only lifelong performers have. Add to that a joy and a zest for performing that is totally infectious.

I can see lifetimes spent perfecting and honing his craft as a musician and as a performer. All he needed to do in this life time was for his body to remember his previously acquired skills. Once that happened, he was off hitting the ground running.

What a joy to watch!

“We Are the World” Video

I love what is happening out there in the world. Is changing out there. Seeing it as a reflection of what is happening inside of me. What is changing inside of me. In my world.

Here is an inspiring example: 75 musicians, mostly young people offered their time and their talent to rerecord the song “We are the World”. The song was originally written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie as a American benefit single for African famine relief in 1985.

Now is was rerecorded as a charity single on the occasion of the the 25th anniversary of the original recording of the song. The new version features updated lyrics and music, as well as a rap segment pertaining to Haiti. Janet Jackson is singing a duet segment with the video version of her brother Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

The video was premiered at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Here it is:

And here is an ABC News segment about this video and its predecessor:

If you want to find out who all the artists participating are, go to Wikipedia, and to download the song and thus donate to Haiti, click here.

I see a willingness to reach out. I see compassion for those in need. I see putting our creativity and talents to use for the greater good. I see normally huge egos checked at the door. I choose to see all these things above what else what others might see and thus contribute to a better world myself.

I love the world we are living in today!

Swine Flu Musings

HelloI have been watching the Swine Flu news quite closely as for years I had a sense that we as humanity might have to go through a pandemic outbreak of some sort. Various channeled entities, especially in the 90s, talked about scenarios involving pandemic infections. But so far nothing seemed to manifest in that large scale.

All of a sudden, that is within a few days the news headlines are all about the global dangers of the swine flu.  Yet for me there were just too many questions popping up and not willing to go away, such as

  • why so much clamor over so few cases in a few days (about 135,000 people die of the flu every year in the USA);
  • how can they all show up all over the world in such a short timer (follow Veratect on Twitter to get the newest updates by the minute);
  • how do the flu viruses migrate from swine to humans;
  • who is to benefit from all of this attention and fear mongering; and
  • what if there is a BIGGER picture here that will  help us not buy into the fear being spread worldwide?

Here is one posting on the web in regards to my questions:

“To date, close to a hundred people have died and more than a thousand affected. It is reported that: ‘The worrisome new virus combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before….’

Now, reports like this immediate send shock and suspicious signals. In natural-occurring animals, birds, plants, and human species, the genetic strains do not mix. If it does, we humans would have noses with beaks, the hind part of birds would have long swinging tails instead, etc.

In the natural biological order of growth and sustenance, as God the Almighty had intended it to be, the order for the genes transmission is vertical.

This means the genes of swine will only pass on to swine, the genes of cows will only pass on to cows, the genes of birds will only pass on to birds, and the genes of humans only pass on to humans.

In the natural order of beings, genes of different species do not transfer horizontally. Likewise, transmission of diseases is only vertical, and not horizontal. Swine and bird diseases do not transmit to humans. Unless…”

Quoted from “Latest flu outbreak an American plot” by Wong Ang Peng,  Apr 27, 09 4:24pm. Click here to find the “rest of that story”!

Below is another posting with another angle of answers:

A TIMELY MESSAGE FROM MATTHEW (Channeled through Suzanne Ward):

“Once again the dark streamers that are heavily influencing individuals in powerful positions have lashed out in what can be well-termed this energy’s ‘death rattle.’ The newest strategy – the ordering of laboratory-designed, created and released swine flu virus – is, as before, abetted by the controlled media’s part of the plan, to declare PANDEMIC!

It is puzzling to us that these dark ones did not learn from their abject failures with SARS and then the avian flu, both of which were widely publicized with the same global pandemic prognosis; eventually the publicity was forced to cease because those diseases caused a few deaths, then totally fizzled out.

This swine flu situation will have the same result. The technology of our family in other star nations has neutralized the vaccine that is intended to spread this disease, just as they did to prevent the spreading of SARS and avian flu.

This new … plan has been done without the US government leader’s knowledge, unlike the previous two pandemic attempts, which were fabricated with the approval of the highest members [of the Bush] administration. Think about the timing of this latest disease publicity. In addition to authorizing the creation of a virus and its intended worldwide fear, the darkly-inclined individuals’ aim is to distract the attention of the populace from their growing demands

  • for peaceful negotiations;
  • indicting responsible ones in the US government who authorized torture;
  • the truth about the perpetrators of 9/11;
  • what caused the collapse of the global economy;
  • the decades of government cover-up about the presence of extraterrestrials;
  • who operates the illegal drug industry;
  • the real purpose of chemtrails and weather control;
  • and the ‘black ops’ behind terrorism around your world.

It is not enough to create a distraction for only the people of the United States simply because this is the country where much of the corruption and deception originated and where now investigations are running deep. No, it must be a global effort because individuals with dark intentions, who live around the world, are panicking as they see other governments’ citizens joining the clamor

  • for truth, for peace,
  • for renewable energy sources,
  • for improved health care and education,
  • for just laws and
  • rightful recognition of women’s equality.

All of those are anathema to dark individuals as those conditions are the opposite of all dark goals. But just as the collapse of the global economy is exposing the truth about who has been manipulating it, so will this swine flu plan expose other evils perpetrated by the same dark ones within the Illuminati or under their control. Welcome this evidence of progress in ‘bringing to light’ the truth and the fast-withering tendrils of dark energy around your planet!

There are firm indications that the public-at-large is increasingly skeptical about the motives of individuals at highest levels of medicine and pharmaceutical corporations: There is this sudden outbreak of yet another kind of flu and “accidentally” there is live virus in the vaccines? Yes, there is some fear as well, but not nearly in the proportion the Illuminati intended and expected. Quite the opposite – this is a setback of major proportion for them!

People’s reactions show their expanding consciousness, and this is likely to cause widespread outrage that will not be confined to the deliberate attempt to infect millions and cause global panic. Light efforts are underway in numerous other areas too that will remove the long-time heavy hand of dark control in your world. Holding steady your light and being patient a bit longer for dynamic developments will be abundantly rewarded!”

Suzanne Ward

Through their soul level agreement that includes communication by mental telepathy, Matthew Ward, who died in 1980, and his mother Suzanne have produced books on spirituality and metaphysics. Check out their website on

May 7, 2009 – This update was was sent to me by Fred Burks:

“There is (a) revealing 90-second video clip we recommend watching. This one contains two sad, yet almost laughable commercials from the 1976 swine flu outbreak in New Jersey that led to a failed national vaccination campaign. Though only one person died as a result of that swine flu outbreak, over 30 people died and hundreds more were permanently paralyzed as a result of the vaccine that was promoted by the government and media.

To learn more and watch this amazing video clip, click here. And if you are ready to go even deeper into the swine flu scare, watch Dr. Len Horowitz in this fascinating 10-minute video clip.”

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Never Judge a Book by its Cover: Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Wow!  This 47 year old woman, never married, not even kissed in her life, living alone with her cat, unemployed, had the guts to sign up for the British equivalent of “American Idol” called “Britain’s Got Talent” and wooed the judges and the audience with her spectacular performance of “The Dream” from “Les Miserables”. Wow….

I felt touched to tears (just like many of my friends) by her performance and the reaction of the audience, kind of an ugly duckling to fairy princess story. It seems to have touched so many, as within 4 days the Youtube video of her audition has been viewed over 7 million times, and more than 45,000 positive and encouraging comments have been left accompanying her video. (A week later the views have soared to 25 million and the comments to 115,000).

All of this makes me wonder whether there is an archetypal element in her story, one common to me and so many others around the world. It feels to me as if Susan Boyle has become a symbol of hope in these challenging times: if an “Average Susan” can, with some  encouragement from her Mom, can become a singing world sensation, then there is hope for each one of us, no matter how stuck, unimportant or invisible we feel.

To me President Obama’s story has been a precursor to this phenomenon and has a similar effect: if he can stay positive and optimistic in the midst of all these worldwide and easily overwhelming challenges, then I can too.

Here is the video:

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Click here for a more detailed article on the Susan Boyle phenomena in the Washington Post and here for an article on BBC News exploring some reasons why Susan Boyle has won over the world, and here for an article titled:”Susan Boyle’s appeal not so surprising”.

April 24, 2009:
I just found a Time Online Magazine article offering some good journalistic background material and context for the Susan Boyle phenomenon. Click here for the online article.

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Walk On

Another very inspirational and touching video:  30 year old DJ Gregory was born with cerebral palsy, underdeveloped lungs, and entangled legs. His parents were told he would never walk. This 12 minute video shows his journey towards walking 988 miles and  3,256 holes of the 2008 PGA Tour.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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If you go to the vodpod page for this video, take a look at the comments left for DJ – they are a testament to the inspiration DJ is offering to so many….

Here is a link to an ABC news story: Person of the Week: D.J. Gregory

And again, check out the comments left for DJ…

And here is a link to DJ Gregory’s Blog

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Prosperity Is Like This

I was sent an email last week with these simple suggestions on how to improve our prosperity consciousness. They feel really good and appropriate to me, and so simple…

In and out.

Filling and releasing,
Accessing energy that flows through the body.

Money, like breath, comes & goes.

Prosperity is like this.

Breathe strong and fierce,
Breathe soft and allowing.

Prosperity is like this.

How much do you hold your breath?
How shallow or deeply do you breathe?

Prosperity is like this.

Opening to greater giving is like breathing out more
Opening to greater receiving is like breathing in more
Continuing to circulate
Breathing deeper through the places
Where we want to withhold.

Prosperity is like this.

Thanks to Kathy Kali
Lotus Moon Temple

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Feel Good Physics: Scalar Energy in Healing

Physics in school was a real chore for me. It made no sense as a teenager. It felt disconnected and unreal, and I just could not get into it, an dit showed in my grades.

After I watched the following video on Scalar physics (and cried at the end because I felt so touched by it), I know understand why I did not like physics as I learned it in high school in the late sixties. I was (and probably everybody else at that time) taught Newtonian physics: mechanistic and applicable only to parts of our universe (certain parameters were called “fuzzy” and simply excluded).

Here is new physics, more quantum, more wholistic, more for today’s world.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Research physicist, John Michael Mallon MSc. ( describes with elegant simplicity the science of scalar-waves and scalar-energy – the energy that underlies the healing technologies that will replace the failed pharmaceutical drug-based medicine of the last century. This landmark video, acclaimed as being an “awakening” video, is also rapidly gaining acceptance as an educational aid in the teaching of enlightened science.

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