Stay the Path by KaLea Joy

Here is a poem my friend KaLea spontaneously wrote after perusing this site:

Stay the Path

We look for rhyme or reason
in most we feel and see
and dig, deep and voraciously
to find how we are Free.

We cry in deep despair or sigh
when all appears in vain
but that which doesn’t always rhyme
is still Divine Refrain.

The path may seem obtuse at best
while dawn still hasn’t flown
but Love’s Light soon will pierce the veil
reveling our True Home.

~ KaLea Joy ~


Mary Landberg’s Poems: Fear Means Go

I just went to a reading (and 50th birthday celebration) of local poet Mary Landberg last night in Ashland, Oregon.

What a delightful surprise…

Mary and I have been part of the same dance community for years. We usually meet on the dance floor on Sunday mornings, smile at each other, watch each other dance very differently (Mary is a great Salsa dancer and I am not), and then go our separate ways.

Only recently did I find out that Mary is a hospice nurse, working with the dying just as I do as a caregiver. Now I found out that she is also a poet, just like I am.

The reading of her poems last night touched me.

They offered a balance between directly expressing authentic feelings and a freshness in her choice of words. I kept feeling surprised by the images that she evoked. Here is an example of her poetry:

He does not know what to do with his hands

I found this book of poems a beautifully crafted encouragement for those whose world is falling apart and needs rebuilding. She actually went through the foreclosure of her home last year and found so much more to live for on the other side of that challenging experience

Mary has found her way through these challenges and I see her standing taller (and more joyfully) through all of it.

Check out her website if you want to purchase her book and read more about it:

There are more samples of her poetry, both in written form and as audio samples. The book is illustrated with beautiful black and white photographs.

And by the way, a portion of the proceeds from the book and the CD (with all of the poems read by Mary) will go be donated to agencies that support women through times of difficult transitions.

What a gem of a book!

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Intimacy With Death and Dying Video

What if there is a BIGGER picture even around death and dying?

What if we could add a different perspective into the already existing ones? One that would allow us to feel good even about death and dying, not as the exclusive emotion, but as a silver lining on a normally very dismal and dark subject.

Here is a video that explores that possibility:

This video is a presentation that I put together using poems I have written while someone was actively dying, mandala art pieces I created during my Hospice volunteer training, and photographs of friends and clients either close to dying or shortly after their death.

Thanks for Ed Keller at Edify Productions for shooting and editing this video.

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Poem: Mumurs of the Seasons

Murmurs of the Seasons

For Paul who died on Dec 27, 2008 at 2:22 PM

The easter lilies told me so
long long ago and far away
that dying is a blessing in disguise
revealing lasting treasures finally

The summer berries told me so
a while ago and yet so close
that dying calls for loving more
in all these times of changes

The autumn walnuts told so
long long ago and yet so close
that dying is a journey home
forever deeper into light

The winter grasses told me so
a while ago and far away
that dying calls for celebration
amidst all loss and grief and pain

I listen with my heart
and hear the murmurs
of the seasons

I listen with my eyes
and see the bounty
of the journey

I listen with my soul
And know that all is well
And know that all is well

By Ulla!

Ulla's Death & Dying Mandala

Death & Dying Mandala by Ulla!

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