Dave Schmidt: Are You Ready for the Change?

Ulla:  I really enjoy this posting as it comes from a writer who used to spend most of his life in a mainstream career. Now Dave is an editor of The 2012 Scenario. He comes with a varied background, with most of it focused on service to others. He is a former State Senator in Washington State, USA, having spent 12 years in the Washington Legislature.


Are You Ready for the Change?

Posted by Dave Schmidt on May 30, 2012


When I first started reading the 2012 Scenario blog site, I was like so many of us going through a time of transition, a time of change.

Coming from a traditional church background, I must admit I was somewhat of a skeptic about all these messages coming from galactic and channeled sources. I had for most of life avoided what some would call ‘whoo-whoo’ New-Age thinking. I wanted something pragmatic; something I could talk about and share with others without looking like I was crazy and from some far-out place.

The blessings of the internet allowed me to read, discern, be open to myself, question and try all this new data coming into my life without going public. Having spent 20 years in politics I was always cautious of what I’d say, making sure it wasn’t something I didn’t want to see in the newspaper the next day.

But, quietly, I began to see what was happening. I saw and felt the message of love, care, and truth that was coming from many different postings on the site. I also noticed the commonality of the messages, the themes of the moment that were being discussed and mentioned by many of the different sources.

I realized there was something to what was being said. These ‘other world’ messengers were either right or it was some huge conspiracy that was going on. Over time, I became a believer to one who now has totally come out of the closet and is very open with what I believe.

Are you noticing the recent theme of change?

I am!!!

This morning I was watching a short Youtube video of C.J. Carl and his channeling a message about change that is coming.

I’ve noticed the same theme from SaLuSa, Greg Giles and the Galactic Federation, Celia Fenn in her monthly report, Jennifer Hoffman, channeled messages of Saul, Matthew, Hatonn, Jesus, and many others. Many of the professional astrologers are saying next month of June is bringing a great deal of change as well. I’m sure there are others you could add to this list, but you get the idea.

Have you noticed they’re not talking about the specifics of the change, but that it will be monumental? Most of them mention it’ll be somewhat chaotic for many. But they also say there’s nothing to fear.

I’ve been wondering why it’s been taking so long for the world economy to collapse. A basic understanding of economics 101 will tell you it can’t last under current conditions.

We’ve been told the current system must collapse before the new prosperity economy can be put in place. We’ve also been told that Gaia must go through some changes herself as she moves into higher dimensions.

C.J. Carl said the change is the result of all the new energies coming onto our planet. He said there’ll be three powerful energy streams. He likened it to three streams of water at different temperatures all coming together in one place, right where we’re located. These different energy streams are part of the transition and this type of mixture will create a temporary chaos.

But, as with all the others, the message came through loud and clear: Do not allow fear to take over.

Be strong, know who you are, stand in the power of your divinity and be a beacon of light to others. As Steve Beckow has been writing as a result of his messages from Archangel Michael: this is a time of transition as we move in a higher frequency of energy, a higher vibration of light.

This is the time when we as lightworkers need to truly hold the light for our fellow humans, be the example of love, strength and stability during this time of change.

As the saying goes: “Change is the only certainty.” I’m ready; I’m looking forward to the new energy of love and ready to embrace whatever comes my way with strength, love and courage. Let’s do this together!



An Inspired Political Response to The Gulf Oil Crisis

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook and I feel moved to share it here on my blog. It expresses in no uncertain terms what a politically inspired response to the Gulf oil crisis could look like.

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, an American radio personality, television host, and political commentator, rewrote President Barack Obama’s Tuesday Oval Office address to what she had hoped he was going to say. She thus expressed what I (and many others) would like to hear from “Yes, we can” President Obama.

Click on the URL below to watch the video at MSNBC:


And pass it around… this is worth watching 9 minutes of excellent political suggestions. May someone send it to President Obama and may he feel inspired to step up to what he could be, a light beacon for real change.

I am back…

I have not been posting to this blog for the last 7 or 8 months because I got busy creating a whole  new website.

I needed a different format to put out my passion for all things dying. All the insights, thoughts, and feelings. All the poems, songs, videos, and stories. Everything I have been collecting over the years needed a new home. All in one place.

Since July 22, 2009 (on a solar eclipse day)  I have been working on my new website. It  is called A Good Dying (www.a-good-dying.com) and as of January 2010 has 80 pages. And I am not done yet.

Writing for this blog gave me the practice and the confidence that I could do a whole website. It helped that I found a Canadian company called SBI to offer all the help imaginable to build a successful website. Check out some information on SBI on my page called Opportunity.

My intentions now is to keep building my website, AND to keep posting to this blog. There are just too many exciting things happening these days that are pointing towards change. Towards a new world. Towards an exciting future. A different future.

The Recession’s Green Lining


My first posting using the category “Change Tracker”!

My personal experience has been that every challenging situation, even a so called catastrophe, eventually brings with it gifts – we just have to be willing to see them…and here I found this article:

A global downturn is doing what activists couldn’t: closing dirty factories.

To savvy snowboarders, Baikalsk has long been the beautiful resort where visitors are so few you can feel as though you own the mountain, at least temporarily: for about 5,000 rubles ($175), you can have exclusive use of one of the six long runs for the day and never see another soul as you schuss through forests. Of course, you’ve had to tolerate a smell that seemed to be a blend of rotten cabbage and New Jersey Turnpike.

For in addition to the resort, this town on Siberia’s Lake Baikal—the oldest, largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world—is home to the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill, which has been belching foul-smelling sulfates into the air and chlorides, phenols and other chemicals into the lake since it was built during the Cold War. The pollution killed plants, crabs and fish and threatened the world’s only freshwater seal, the earless nerpa.

Environmentalists have been trying to shut down the mill since 1964, getting precisely nowhere. But where greens failed, the global recession succeeded all too well. In November, the plant ceased production. “The economic crisis,” says Marina Rikhvanova, the head of the environmental group Baikal Wave, worked “like magic.”

Read the rest of the story on http://www.newsweek.com/id/188200

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