Experiences make us happier than possessions

openfaceI absolutely agree that experiences bring more happiness than possessions. Now there is a study to confirm that idea in an article I just found on CNN.com.

What a great opportunity in these times of changes to enrich our lives through more experiences rather than possessions. And the experiences do not have to be the expensive kind as in a trip around the world or a stay in a luxury spa.

I realized that for me experiences within my community of family members, friends and acquaintances are the ones that I cherish the most. They stay with me and in my memories for quite a while. I also found that these shared experiences help me feel more connected to the individual members. And the more connected I feel, the more I am able to send fear (when it does raise its head) on a vacation to Australia…

When I created my list, I realized that I came up with a lot of ideas for activities that are usually associated with children and childhood. Funny…

Here is a list of inexpensive suggestions I came up with:

  • A group hike and picnic to a lake, river or mountain
  • Barbecue potluck
  • Get to know your neighbor parties
  • Weekly drumming or singing circles
  • Surprise birthday parties
  • Pick up ball games in the park
  • Community pajama parties
  • Treasure hunts
  • Community talent shows
  • Potluck picnics in the park
  • Summer sunset parties
  • Full moon hike in the snow
  • Knitting or crochet circles
  • Used clothing swaps (or “Naked Ladies Parties” as one friend calls them)
  • Harvest party: glean fruit from ownerfree fruit trees and then make pies or jams

CNN.com had a poll on their home page on Feb 11, 2009:

Which brings you more happiness?
Experiences 86% 12153 votes
Possessions 14% 1907 votes
Total Votes: 14060

My question: so why do we all buy so many things, often way more than we need?

Feel free to add your own suggestions in your comments below.

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Courage Campaign

What a beautiful video with pictures from all these happy gay married couples… just precious to watch their joy and happiness. I felt really touched. Seeing their happiness made me feel good!

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I found the video on this site:


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