Sunrise over the Marina

Sunrise over the Marina

According to the experts, a blog is supposed to have a narrow focus on a particular subject, offering more or less just one thing in detail.

Sorry, not my blog.

There is so much I want to share – it just does not fit into one narrow focus.

Having said that, here some basic premises to create a context for the content on this blog. Here I go with “Ulla’s bigger picture for these changing times”:

  • All of humanity and the Earth itself are in a process of awakening to a deeper level of who we are and why we are here on Earth, everyone in their own time and in their own context. The direction of that awakening is Peace on Earth as the most common denominator.
  • In this global awakening process every aspect of Life on Earth in a human form is getting a make over.
  • The current economic crisis is bringing integrity to the financial sector, the aspect that is the foundation for all the others. If the foundation is not solid the rest can not successfully go through its transformative process.
  • Once that foundation is solid and in integrity, it sets a signal for all the other aspects of human life to transform faster and more effortless.
  • As a result, economic recovery will come quickly and soar higher than before as it finally is based on a solid foundational structure.
  • We will see changes, sooner than the experts are currently predicting, both economically and politically, that we never thought possible. President Obama is a first taste of those changes.
  • My basic premises have been inspired and confirmed by a channeled entity called Kryon. Click here if you would like to explore more.


Because of my fairly diverse postings subjectwise,  I have organized my posts into a number of categories:

BOOKS = Reviews of books that help keep us positive

CELEBRATE THE RECESSION = Why not….someone has to do it…

CHANGE TRACKER = What changes are already happening

DEATH & DYING = Brightening up a dark subject

FEEL GOOD = Speaks for itself

LAUGHTER = So important when it gets crazy!

PERSONAL = Speaks for itself

POEMS = Speaks for itself

VIDEO = Inspiring videos showing a different world

WHAT IF = Speculations and visionary ideas of what kind of changes might be possible in the near future.

Thank you for visiting and may we all keep being inspired, no matter what…


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rick,

    what a wonderfilled synchronicity… thank you for sharing your story. I actually was inspired by a channel named Kryon who asked in one of his talks, whether we would be willing and able to celebrate this recession…. here is the link to his talk: https://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/download_Santa%20Fe_08.html

    I am curious, what is the event that you are promoting and where will it be?

    Have a great day, no matter what…

  2. Ulla,

    If you don’t mind I just want to share some synchronicity with you. I am promoting an event and one of the ways I thought I might get people interested would be to title my promotion “Celebrate the Recession”.

    After I made the post I thought oh man maybe people won’t like that. So I did a search for “Celebrate the Recession” and I found your site. The search took me to the story about the wallstreet bankers turned recycled shoe salesmen.

    Because of your courage I have decided to keep the title of my promotion the same.

    By the way your website is very inspiring, I will be sharing it with my friends.

    Rick Ramirez

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